Form templates for instant form building

Want a simpler and faster way of building forms? There’s no need to start from scratch, when we can offer handy form template downloads for you to use and customize.

Formidable Forms offers simple and professional form templates. We have contact form templates, registration form templates, job application templates, real estate listing templates and user information templates. They were designed to demo some of the very best features of Formidable Forms.

For more choices, you can find more online WordPress form templates in our library. If you need a new form, be sure to check if there's a ready-made template before you start building.

Our contact template forms can get your website up and running in under a minute. Simply create your form from a template and place it on the page of your choice in two easy steps.

One-size does not fit all. For that reason, Formidable’s form design templates are fully customizable so you can get the exact look you want with minimal effort.

If you liken yourself as a bit of a form-making master, Formidable also allows you to save custom-built forms as templates for yourself. These can then be downloaded and shared with others and downloaded.

Form templates are included in the core Formidable Forms plugin.

Examples of our online form templates

form templates
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