BMI Calculator Form Template

Everyone wants answers about their health. Should they lose weight? Should they seek professional help? What steps should they take to look and feel better?

The WordPress BMI calculator provides site visitors with a snapshot of their Body Mass Index (BMI). The form takes only seconds to complete and the results are instant.

This template is included with the Business plan.

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What's in the BMI Calculator Form Template Demo?

BMI Calculator Form Demo

How Does the Body Mass Index Calculator Work?

The Formidable Forms BMI Calculator is simple. A person enters his height and body weight and then clicks the "See my range" button. A BMI is tabulated and the results are displayed under the form. It’s an easy way to give visitors a fast insight into their physical health.

Why BMI Matters

BMI is a method used to diagnose excessive weight and obesity. Using the relationship between height and weight, the BMI provides a more accurate assessment than using weight alone. The higher a BMI, the greater the risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and more.

Who is it For?

This BMI calculator widget provides helpful data for a range of brands and businesses in the health and fitness industries—From medical practices and government health organizations to gyms, beauty blogs, and more.

The Benefits of a BMI Calculator

Although the BMI Calculator cannot paint a complete picture of a person’s health, it can act as a good starting point, especially when used in combination with other health and wellness forms, such as our exercise log form.

Below are just a few of the BMI calculator's reported benefits:

Provide Valuable Information

Useful information turns website visitors into loyal customers. Turn prospects into leads by helping them take the first step toward better health.

Serves as a Conversation Starter

Use the results of the BMI calculator to jump-start a conversation about customer health. Outline resources, detail important next steps, and present your business as a resource in the customer journey to improved fitness and physical health.

Collect Useful Data

The BMI calculator can be customized to act as a lead generation tool. You can send visitors resource guides in exchange for their email addresses, for example. Or offer a free consultation or training in exchange for a phone number.

Maximize Visitor Time on Site

A calculator is a useful way to keep visitors engaged. Increasing visitors’ time on site will help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and encourage readers to click through to other pages on your site.

Personalized Design

Style the BMI Calculator to match the branding and the look and feel of your website. The calculator can be tailored to integrate seamlessly with the colors, fonts and styles of your WordPress site design.

Easy Setup

No need to hire a web developer to add the BMI calculator to your WordPress site. All of our health and wellness forms were created to be easy to manage and simple to install. They use our drag and drop form builder for hassle-free customization.

How to Get Started

You’ll be able to download and install our BMI Calculator when you sign up for our Business plan. The Formidable Forms Business Plan includes access to many calculator form templates as well as surveys, polls, quizzes, and more. Add a BMI Calculator widget to your WordPress site today.

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