Formidable Forms Gives Back

We consider ourselves super lucky. We have a thriving business and a beautiful, healthy family. Giving back is part of our DNA, and helping others is our key to happiness.

Giving Back Around the World

Save the Children

We have a soft spot for kids—there are so many children around the world who struggle for survival lacking basic needs like food, shelter, healthcare and love. Many of our contributions go to organizations dedicated to helping such children.

Now more than ever, children need our help to survive. Millions of children around the world are on the brink of starvation. Save The Children is committed to keeping kids healthy, educated, warm and safe.

Operation Smile

Nothing is more precious than a child’s smile, and a fairly simple surgery can fix children’s smiles around the world. However, the cost of surgery prevents many children from getting their smiles fixed. Those who do survive are shunned, teased, and ridiculed. They are usually malnourished, and suffer each day.

We have teamed up with Operation Smile to save as many lives as possible. We have reached our goal of raising $10,000 for this worthy cause, but we’d love to continue sharing anything we can.

Mentors International

We believe in helping others make lasting changes to improve their lives and those around them.

Mentors International helps those in poverty to build and grow a business and become self-reliant. They do this by offering education, training, small loans, and ongoing mentoring. Once an entrepreneur has increased their income they repay the loans. This repayment is then paid forward to the next family. They have an amazing 97% repayment rate.

A small loan and some training has changed many lives already. For example, one woman had become crippled from a childhood illness. She found herself with no one to rely on, and need to support her grandkids, one child, and her mother. The local banks turned her down because they didn't believe she could repay it. She found Mentors and got a loan for $125 USD to stock her small shop. She was not only able to support her family, but also quickly repaid the loan. Several subsequent loans have allowed her to continue to grow her business and employ others in her village.

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