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No-Code Custom Forms

Build online contact forms free. Then have more features ready when you need them.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Building complex forms shouldn't be complicated. Drag, drop, and you're done.

Mobile-Friendly Contact Forms

Create sleek responsive contact forms for every screen size on your WordPress website.

Visual Styler

Getting your contact forms to look amazing in your theme is no longer difficult.

Import & Export

Transfer forms, entries, and styles to other sites. Anytime you need them.

Free Form Templates

Not just contact forms, but also RSVP and sign-up forms.

WCAG Accessiblity

Get A11Y Compliance without a second thought for accessible forms.

Save Everything to the Database

Emails aren't perfect. Always have a record of your submissions, even if email fails.

Easy to Customize

Adding customizations couldn’t be easier with 125+ hooks and customizable HTML.

The Free Form Builder with Happy Customers

Best Free Form Examples

Contact Us Form

A basic contact form that for any WordPress website.

View Demo Use Template

Suggestion Form

Get valuable feedback from your customers with this suggestion form.

View Demo Use Template

Employee Referral Form

Let your current staff refer their friends and family to work for you with this employee referral template

View Demo Use Template

Simple RSVP Form

A general RSVP form that can be used for any occasion.

View Demo Use Template

Party Invitation RSVP Form

A simple form used for keeping track of party guests.

View Demo Use Template

Vendor Contact Information Form

Track the vendors that you are working with and get their contact information.

View Demo Use Template

Call for Proposals Form

Putting out a call for proposals? Enhance your RFP process with a call for proposals form template! Now you can request proposals the easy way.

View Demo Use Template

Personal Trainer Sign-Up Form

Looking for a personal trainer sign-up form template? Make it easy for customers to get started with this personal training registration form.

View Demo Use Template

Family Reunion Registration Form

Register each family member for a reunion.

View Demo Use Template

Content Download Form

Use this simple form to capture leads for your business.

View Demo Use Template

Parental Consent

Document parental permission before going on a field trip.

View Demo Use Template

New Years Party RSVP Form

Provides an easy way to keep tack of guests of an upcoming New Years Party.

View Demo Use Template

Birthday Party RSVP Form

A simple form to keep track of who's coming to a Birthday celebration.

View Demo Use Template

Request A Quote Form

Get information from potential customers who are requesting for a quote on your services.

View Demo Use Template

Recipe Catalog Form

Keep track of favorite recipes or create a conglomerate of those of friends and family.

View Demo Use Template

Grade Book Form

Keep track of grades all in one place.

View Demo Use Template

Neighborhood Events Questionnaire Form

Want to survey your neighbors to find out what events they are interested in? Do it the easy way - with this neighborhood events questionnaire!

View Demo Use Template

Super Bowl Party RSVP Form

Planning a Super Bowl party? Make the biggest football game of the year EPIC with our Super Bowl Party RSVP form template!

View Demo Use Template

Fitness Interest Form

Collect information about your next client with this fitness interest form.

View Demo Use Template

Online Proposal Form

Use this online proposal form, to gather the information needed to make decisions regarding projects that come your way.

View Demo Use Template

Lecture Notes Form

Use the simple form to organize your lecture notes next time you come to class.

View Demo Use Template

Support Ticket Form

Looking for a support ticket form template? This form helps you manage customer support requests with ease! Users submit requests & create tickets all at once.

View Demo Use Template

Charitable Donation Form

A quick and easy form for collecting and keeping track of charitable donations.

View Demo Use Template

Wedding Date Application Form

Collect information from guests attending a wedding who are seeking the ideal date to join in the celebration.

View Demo Use Template

Meeting Availability Poll

Gather availability information from participants to schedule meetings, ensuring efficient coordination for productive discussions.

View Demo Use Template

Jail Release Form

Collect essential details for inmate release processing.

View Demo Use Template

Monthly Payment Form

Are you hunting for a low-stress method to sort out online monthly payments? We've got your back! Check out the monthly payment form template from Formidable Forms. The beauty of this thing? It hands the power over to the customers or donors to choose a monthly payment amount.

View Demo Use Template

Personnel Action Form

Gather essential information from employees seeking personnel actions. Ensure accurate and efficient processing of requests.

View Demo Use Template

Volunteer Hours Form

Use this form to log your volunteer hours.

View Demo Use Template

Buy Me a Coffee Form

Collect details from generous supporters who want to contribute and buy you a coffee to show their appreciation.

View Demo Use Template

Community Service Form

Gather essential details from volunteers and participants who are actively engaged in community service initiatives.

View Demo Use Template

Crowdfunding Form

Collect essential information from potential backers who are interested in supporting your crowdfunding campaign.

View Demo Use Template

Stripe Payment Form

Effortlessly gather payment information from customers using our secure Stripe payment form. Simplify the payment process and ensure a seamless transaction experience.

View Demo Use Template

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Great free app with many features. The free version of this app is fully functional and loaded with great features.
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Best form plugin! Even the free version is best one!
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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about Formidable Forms Lite? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

Who should use Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is perfect for freelancers, agencies, business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to create a custom WordPress form, then you need to use Formidable Forms.

What's required to use Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is a WordPress Plugin. In order to use Formidable Forms, you must have a WordPress site. That's all.

Do I need coding skills to use Formidable Forms?

Absolutely not. You can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge. Formidable Forms is the most advanced WordPress form solution in the market, so if you want to change your form HTML, you have access to it.

Will Formidable Forms slow down my website?

Absolutely not. Formidable Forms is carefully built with performance in mind. We have developed everything with best practices and modern standards to ensure things run smooth and fast.

Does Formidable Forms work on non-WordPress sites?

No. Formidable Forms is a WordPress forms plugin, so it will NOT work on sites that do not use WordPress.

How do I add contact forms in WordPress?

If you are wondering how to make a contact form on WordPress sites, don't worry. It's easy! Once you've made your form, you can place it into any page or post on your site using the form shortcode. Alternatively, you can embed a contact form block.

Learn more: How to Add a Simple Contact Form in WordPress

Will I lose my form data if I upgrade later?

Nope. The forms you build in the free version will work just the same way after you upgrade. You'll be able to add to them, but you won't lose a thing.