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WordPress Calculator Forms Plugin

Trusted By More Than 300,000 Businesses

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The Feature-Packed WordPress Calculator Plugin You Can Trust

Formidable Forms is the WordPress calculator plugin you can depend on. Transform your site into a lead generation machine with our user-friendly calculator builder.

Calculated Form Fields

Easily create forms that automatically calculate anything you want.

Advanced Math Calculations

Perform calculations inside forms or dynamically anywhere on your site.

eCommerce Price Calculators

Input item pricing and create eCommerce solutions with ease.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Calculators

Create sleek calculators for every screen size on your WordPress website.

Drag and Drop Calculator Builder

Adding calculators to WordPress is easy with our drag and drop form plugin.

Visual Calculator Styler

Ensure your calculators match your site with our intuitive visual styler.

Display Calculated Data with Views

Show calculation data dynamically on your site without any PHP knowledge.

Calculator Templates for Instant Forms

Our calculator templates can get you started in just a few clicks.

WordPress Financial calculator plugin demo

Create Powerful Calculators for Any Industry

Easily build business calculators for finance, insurance, real estate, software, fitness and much more. The best part? Our calculator templates are ready to do the hard work for you. Get started with the most flexible calculator plugin for WordPress.

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WordPress Calculator plugin demo

Popular WordPress Calculator Examples

BMI Calculator

Calculate BMI (body mass index) to help clients improve health & fitness.

View Demo Use Template

Percentage Calculator

Find a specified percentage of an entered number.

View Demo Use Template

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Optimize your real estate website with this simple mortgage calculator!

View Demo Use Template

Advanced Mortgage Calculator

Get an advanced, in-depth financial analysis on a new mortgage.

View Demo Use Template

WooCommerce Product Configurator

Calculate the total value of a WooCommerce product.

View Demo Use Template

Car Payment Calculator

Calculate monthly payments with an easy auto loan calculator.

View Demo Use Template

Age Calculator

Get an age calculator along with a birthday countdown!

View Demo Use Template

Compound Interest Calculator

Calculate total compound interest on an investment or loan.

View Demo Use Template

Final Grade Calculator

Calculate the grade needed on an exam to get the desired final score.

View Demo Use Template

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Calculate the number of days until the baby due date.

View Demo Use Template

Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

Calculate the daily calorie intake required to reach fitness goals.

View Demo Use Template

Length Conversion Calculator

Convert lengths across different units of measurement.

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Paycheck Calculator

Find your salary, daily, weekly and monthly wages based on hourly rates.

View Demo Use Template

Tip Calculator

Calculate a tip whether splitting the bill or paying alone.

View Demo Use Template

Amortization Calculator

Estimate monthly mortgage payment principal and interest amounts.

View Demo Use Template

Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

Check for a healthy debt to income ratio before starting a loan.

View Demo Use Template

Life Insurance Calculator

Offer accurate life insurance estimates with this calculator.

View Demo Use Template

ROI Calculator

Estimate the profit or loss on an investment as a simple percentage.

View Demo Use Template

Savings and Investment Calculator

Estimate profit from an investment or savings account.

View Demo Use Template


A simple order form to start collecting payments fast.

View Demo Use Template

High School Calculator

A quick and easy form that can calculate a GPA in a matter of moments.

View Demo Use Template


A form that can allow you to easily gather reimbursements in any setting.

View Demo Use Template

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All the Calculated Form Fields You Need

Creating a form with calculated fields has never been so easy. Formidable forms has dozens of form fields to help you build calculators however you choose. Form elements range from radio buttons to total fields and from sliders to product fields - and all of them work together flawlessly.

WordPress Calculated Form Fields Plugin

Supercharge Your Lead Generation Strategy

A calculator could be one of the biggest lead generators on your WordPress site. And since Formidable is also a form builder, you can handle all your WordPress forms within a single plugin.

WordPress Lead generation calculator

Start Building Calculators Today

Creating forms with Formidable takes just minutes.

Get Formidable Forms Now

Does What Other Calculator Plugins Can’t

The problem with most WordPress calculator plugins? They just do one thing. Formidable Forms is a powerful form builder where calculators are only the beginning. No wonder 300,000+ businesses have given us a 94% satisfaction rating.

Fast & Easy Calculator Building

With Formidable, creating calculators is easy. Our drag and drop form builder allows you to create calculators with just a few clicks - no coding required.

build advanced WordPress calculator forms

Advanced Data Control

Run calculations and use them! Visually display your data however you want with Formidable Views and Graphs. Create custom reports, dynamic member profiles, and much more.

Save WordPress financial calculator forms to database

Ready-to-Go Calculator Templates

Start with a template, then make it your own. Create instant quotes, cost calculators, retirement calculators, loan calculators - we've covered all the basics and then some.

Display submissions from WordPress calculator forms

All the Integrations You Need

Formidable Forms integrates with all the top platforms. Connect your favorite add-ons: payment platforms, email marketing services, CRM's, automation, and more.

WordPress calculator plugin integrations

Simple or Advanced Calculators - You Decide

With Formidable, you can calculate more than just interest rates. Create simple quote calculators and cost estimates with addition and multiplication functions. Or ramp things up with more advanced math calculations to build anything you can imagine. The choice is yours.

simple online calculator
WordPress Calculator plugin features

We’re More than just a WordPress Calculator Plugin

Powerful calculators are just the beginning. See why our form builder is loved by everyone from developers to independent businesses.

See All Features

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WordPress Loan Calculator

Here's What Our Community is Saying:

Formidable Forms has allowed me to accomplish the styling, simplicity, and customization I desired. I wouldn't have been able to create this application if it weren't for the built-in calculator functions, amazing support staff, and detailed technical documentation on the Formidable website.

Leigh Neary Leigh Neary

It’s a natural for building staff directories, resource libraries, and similar applications that collect and display data on a site. It is also a very strong tool for building front-end data collection forms requiring conditional workflows, calculations and other advanced features.

Dan Bashaw Dan Bashaw

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about Formidable Calculator Forms? See below for our most frequently asked questions.

Who Can Use a WordPress Calculator Plugin?

Are Formidable calculator forms for me?

If you run a WordPress site and you want to publish calculators online, you should use Formidable. The biggest advantage of using our Formidable? It does more than just calculators. It can be used for contact forms, reports, and everything else a drag and drop form builder can do.

What do I need to use Formidable Forms?

All you need is a self-hosted WordPress website. You can also install Formidable Forms on your client's WordPress sites if you are a developer. Unfortunately, our plugin does not work on non-WordPress sites.

Do I need coding skills to use Formidable Forms?

Absolutely not. You can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge. If you do have coding skills, you'll be about to tweak your forms in more detail. But coding is not needed to get the most out of our plugin.

How do I create a calculator in WordPress?

Creating a calculator is easy when you use Formidable. The best way to get started is by using one of our templates. From there, you can see how our calculated form fields work together to output calculations.

That may sound like a whole lot of math, but if you are reading this, we are certain you can handle it with ease!

Read more: How to Create a Calculator in WordPress

How do I add a calculator to my WordPress site?

Adding a calculator to your WordPress site is just as easy as copying and pasting. With Formidable shortcodes, you can place a calculator anywhere on your site. That means you can place them on a page, post, sidebar, footer, or any widget area.

How do I create a calculator widget using WordPress?

Creating a calculator widget with Formidable could not be easier. All you need is a theme with a widget area. From there, just take a form shortcode and copy it into a text or HTML widget. That's really all there is to it!

Do Formidable calculator forms integrate with WooCommerce?

100% yes. This is one of the biggest advantages to using Formidable to complement your WooCommerce setup. Formidable Forms can effectively replace each and every WooCommerce extension - saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

Formidable can fully replace any cost calculator plugin. It can be used as a cost calculator builder that can store product info as well as perform field calculations.

Why are calculators great for lead generation?

Calculators are engaging and interactive tools that keep people on your site. With Formidable Forms, you can create calculators that also collect contact information. This could be used to generate hard leads (quote calculators) or build soft leads by adding users to your email list.

How do I design an effective calculator?

When designing an online calculator, the best place to start is with a template. You also want to think carefully about your audience and the ways they will be using your calculator. Pretty soon your problem will shift - you'll have too many effective ideas and not enough time!

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