WordPress Drag and Drop Form Builder

Build complex forms the easy way with a simple drag and drop form builder. Click or drag a new field into a form, then build build custom layouts that perfectly match your site.

The WordPress drag and drop form builder included in Formidable Forms allows for quick and easy re-arranging of form fields, or even entire sections. Easily test different layouts to help maximize your conversion rates. Move fields to give your form a more natural flow, or add page breaks and re-arrange fields to turn your long form into a multi-page form. Simply click and hold the Move icon in the top right of your field or section and move the field to its new position.

The whole form building process is designed with speed and simplicity in mind, while not cutting back on the advanced functionality and flexibility our Pro users love.

This feature is included in both the Formidable Lite and Pro plugins.

Form drag and drop builder in action

WordPress drag and drop form builder