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Multi Page Form with Progress Bar

Do you have long forms on your website? Are you seeing low form conversion rates?

While it’s best to avoid making a form longer than it needs to be, sometimes long forms can be inevitable.

There are many reasons to use long forms. For example, job applications, mortgage applications, class registrations or in-depth customer satisfaction surveys all tend to be lengthy. Even contact forms or checkout forms can end up quite long.

However, the downside to long forms is that many people don’t want to or simply don’t have the time to fill them in. Long forms can be a bit overwhelming and often get abandoned by users before they’ve finished.

How can form conversion rates be improved?

Long forms may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean the user experience needs to suffer. The best way to combat low conversions due to form length is to improve the experience and reduce friction.

It’s important to make the form simple to understand and quick to fill in. This can go a long way in boosting conversion rates and reducing the number of people abandoning the form halfway through.

How can you encourage users to complete the form? That’s where multi-step forms for WordPress come in.

Multi page forms are included in the core Formidable Pro plugin. 

Customizable multi-step form design

Your multi page form will look great out-of-the-box, but can be customized to your heart’s content.

Easily customize everything in multi page forms from page titles and pagination, to the Next and Previous buttons.

With Formidable Forms, you’ll be able to build the best multi step form in Wordpress to ensure increased conversions.

Demo: Multi step form with progress bar example
  • Restaurant Name
  • Rating
  • Comments

Formidable has been the ONLY form system that we found that would work as we needed, with the options we wanted, and that was easy to use. It's been well worth the purchase!

Why use multi-page forms for WordPress?

It’s so much more user-friendly to split long forms up into easy step-by-step forms with a handy progress bar.

Multi-page forms for WordPress can improve your web forms by:

How Formidable Forms can help you create WordPress multi-page forms

With Formidable Forms, you can quickly break up any type of form into easy-to-manage sections.

There is much more to our multi-step form plugin though. In addition to building multi-page forms, you can further improve user experience with progress bars, branching forms, and saving drafts.

Build multi-step forms with progress bars

Our WordPress multi-page forms allow you to include interactive progress bars to show users how far along they are in a form. This could be used to decide whether to continue now or another time.

With a multi-step progress bar, users can easily navigate between each page and jump to a different step if they wish.

Use conditional logic to create branching forms

While long forms might be inevitable, that doesn’t mean your users should have to go through every question imaginable.

The Formidable conditional logic allows you to create branching forms that let you skip and route pages based on user input. This ensures that every question is relevant to the particular user filling in the form.

For example, if a user answers a question with Option B, there's no need to include irrelevant follow ups to Option A.

Let users save and continue their progress

Go one step further and enable Save and Continue drafts. This lets users save where they are and come back later at a more convenient time.

Multi-page forms can be teamed up with progress bars, conditional logic and save and continue forms for a better user experience that raises conversion rates.

Building multi-step WordPress forms with progress bars offers a simple way to improve form conversions by providing a better overall user experience. This will improve conversion rates to get the results that you want.

Formidable Forms offers one of the best multi-step forms for WordPress. Join Formidable Forms to get access to even more conversion rate boosting form features.

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