Display Form Data with Views

Forms collect data and save it in your WordPress database. What if you want to display that data? Formidable Forms is the only WordPress form builder plugin with the built-in capability to display form data on the front end of your site. This feature is called a View.

Any data submitted or imported into a Formidable form can be beautifully displayed, searched, and filtered on the front end of your site. Views also allow you to display a linked details page for individual entries. An example of this would be a classifieds listings site. It includes the listings on a page that link to more detailed information.

Views are the key to creating powerful sites containing real estate listings, employment listings, event calendars, business or member directories, and searchable databases. With Views, your options to manage, display, and search data on the front end of your site are virtually limitless.

Views are included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

display form data in Views