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Formidable is by far the best contact form I have seen for WordPress. It is easy to create and has had zero issues with form deliveries. What makes Formidable unique is it’s ease of use and reporting capabilities. Takes all of the guesswork out building a form.

Chris Level3Logic

I LOVE that you can use forms to create content. Awesome, awesome work! Formidable Pro has totally changed the way I think about how to use WordPress. For the first time ever I can see being able to use WordPress as database.

Chris Howard 341 design

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Formidable’s charts and graphs feature update new data automatically?


The Formidable form builder and graphs are extremely versatile and customizable compared to other WordPress survey plugins.

That means Formidable graphs will keep you up-to-date on all the data trends as they happen!

It also can easily display live data on your WordPress site when other WordPress chart plugins can't. When you use our WordPress plugin, your graphs and charts will immediately refresh whenever new entries are added or updated.

Combine these capabilities with our Views Feature, and you can even have that updated data display live anywhere on your site so users can see it, too!

That's real data real-time.

No need to manually update your graphs whenever there’s a change. Formidable takes care of that all behind the scenes for you.

Is it hard to make charts and reports in WordPress?

Not at all!

In fact, because Formidable is an all-in-one form builder plugin, you can create the forms, collect the data, and display it all with one plugin!

That means less maintenance, bugs, and updates for your website and more time for you!

What's more, we have excellent customer service!

Not sure if the graph you need is an option? Or perhaps stuck on just how to build that really awesome thing with your graphs?

Just ask.

We love helping our customers see just how easy charts and graphs are to use!

Don't waste time downloading a charts and graphs plugin when Formidable Forms can do it all.

Create charts with form data the simple way.

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