Dynamically Add Form Fields

Dynamically add form fields to improve conversion rates and reduce visual clutter. Shorter forms are faster to build, less intimidating to users, easier on the eye, and convert at a higher rate.

A repeatable section enables you to shorten a form by initially showing a group of fields only once. While building the form, drag any field types you would like into the repeatable section. Then the field group displays in your form with an 'Add' button to dynamically add another group of identical fields. Then add as many field groups as needed. Repeatable field groups are incredibly useful on registration-type forms, such as registering travelers for a group booking or numerous players for a sports tournament.

Dynamically add form fields in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

Dynamically Add Form Fields with repeatable sectionsDisplay just one section with all the fields you need. But users can duplicate the fields again and again.

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