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Do you need a form that lets users add in multiple fields to the same section?

Perhaps you work with families and need forms where users can add in each family member’s details. Maybe you're looking to submit details of a sports team registration or list past work history and qualifications for a job application form. In all of these cases, you need a tool that lets you submit as many details as you want easily.

If you don't have a specific feature that allows you to do this, things can get a bit messy. You could end up with multiple different sections for the same question, making the form longer than it needs to be. Even if you build a certain number of fields you think the user will need, this could also be very problematic if those estimates are off.

When problems like this arise, you might end up having to contact the user, or vice versa, to fix the issue. All this does is cost everyone time, and it doesn't leave your users with a great impression.

There is a much simpler, cleaner solution: repeating fields.

Repeaters to dynamically add form fields in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

What are Repeaters?

Repeaters allow you to dynamically add multiple form fields whenever needed.

By giving users the option to add in more fields and details, you can reduce the clutter and clunky form process that comes without repeaters.
Dynamically Add Form Fields with repeatable sections

Display just one section with all the fields you need. But users can duplicate the fields again and again.

We have been INCREDIBLY happy with Formidable - not just in the level of service and attention through this support forum, but in the amazing capabilities it's offered us. It is the best plugin we've ever seen and it's absolutely revolutionized what we are able to do with WordPress.

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How Formidable Repeaters work

Repeating form fields allow you to shorten a form by initially showing a group of fields only once.

When using this feature, the field group will display a simple ‘Add’ button for users to add in additional fields if they need to. Users can duplicate the set of fields again and again.

For those who don’t need to add more fields, they can simply ignore the 'Add' button and move on through a short, simple and clean form.

Repeaters are really handy for those booking on travel or events websites, for example. The user will need to add in information for each member of their party. This gives the website/organizers a clear picture of exactly who is booking and how many people to expect.

You can even use Repeaters in tandem with quotations/cost estimates. For example, if you’re booking a family of five, tickets may be at a reduced rate for the children. In order to display the correct quote, you may need to add in the details of everyone attending in a repeatable section.

Improve your website conversions with repeating fields

Don’t let your WordPress forms get bogged down by messy fields and cluttered forms. Do your users a favour by keeping everything clear and simple.

Confusing and overly long forms are a real pain to fill in and could even make users go elsewhere. Don’t let your form be the reason people turn away when Formidable Forms can provide such an easy fix.

With clear and simple forms offering Repeaters, you can ensure that your users can fill in forms without problems. A streamlined buying/signup process is vital to encourage more conversions. It also increases the chances that you’re receiving a fully completed form that doesn't require any follow up or fixes.

Save everyone time and hassle by using Repeaters to enhance your forms.

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