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ECommerce Pricing Fields

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Do you need to create eCommerce solutions quickly and easily? With Formidable pricing fields, your online shop is mere clicks away!

Pricing fields make it easy to build and manage your online store. Create responsive, mobile-friendly forms that work across all the devices your customers use.

With pricing fields, you can build and customize your online store, or, create estimate tools. Whether you are selling products or giving quotes, Formidable's pricing fields can make it happen.

The summary feature is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

What are Pricing Fields?

Pricing fields by Formidable allow you to create eCommerce forms as beautiful as they are functional.

Pro WordPress developers will all tell you the same thing: currency, pricing, and calculations are difficult to code. With Formidable's pricing fields, a completely customized eCommerce solution is within reach.

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This product has saved me hours of programming and it was well worth the cost.

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How pricing fields work

eCommerce magic has never been this simple. Pricing fields include 3 field types: Product, Quantity, and Total. All pricing values are displayed in your currency of choice.

Product fields can be displayed as radio, checkbox, dropdown, free text, or a single set value. The quantity field allows users to easily choose how many products they want. The total field automatically calculates all the products and quantities in the form. They can also be used in custom calculations.

For developers and advanced users, we've included a currency option with a hook to allow custom code to change the currency per form. That means Formidable can help you build multi-country, multi-currency online stores!

Create order forms, product forms, quote calculators and more!

Display just one or all of your products at once - the choice is yours.

Great looking templates + endless customizations.

Ready to turn your website into the online store of your dreams? Get Formidable - your fully functional eCommerce solution is closer than you think!

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