Invisible Spam Protection

Get instant and powerful anti-spam form features right out of the box with multiple options for invisible spam protection.

Honeypot spam protection is automatically added to ALL of your Formidable forms. You get added protection without extra hassle. Most importantly, Honeypot spam protection does not affect user experience or conversion rates. It's completely invisible to the user.

reCAPTCHA is designed to judge whether a user is a human or a robot. Formidable includes a reCAPTCHA field and supports both the V2 checkbox and the latest Invisible reCAPTCHA which gives amazing spam protection without damaging user experience.

Akismet detects and prevents spam by comparing the words, email address, and IP to a constantly updated list. It runs hundreds of tests on each entry to determine whether or not to allow form submission. Akismet protection can be enabled by activating the Akismet plugin on your site, and turning it on in your form.

The WordPress comment blacklist has long been a front-line defense against spam. Block form submissions that contain a word, phrase, or IP address in your blacklist. Take control of any extra spam that is making its way to you.

Invisible spam protection is included in the core Formidable Forms plugin.

invisible spam protection form
Add all the spam protection options to your WordPress forms that you'd like.
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