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Formidable Pro is the single best piece of software that I have ever purchased. Hands down the best $ I've spent on software.

T. Stevenson Portsmouth Public Library

This plugin is the best form plugin I’ve used. The build feature is solid, the reCaptcha setup is seamless, and I love the form entry storage.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can spam protection help?

As a powerful online form builder, we’re fully aware of the damage spam can do to your website forms.

That’s why we take it so seriously.

Our spam protection is instant, powerful and comes with multiple options right out of the box.

What is Honeypot spam protection?

This is automatically added to ALL your Formidable forms so you don’t even have to lift a finger. You get solid protection, without the extra hassle of setting it all up.

Most importantly, Honeypot spam protection does not harm user experience or your conversion rates. It is completely invisible to your users when they submit a form.

Can I use reCAPTCHA spam protection?

A few years ago, Google’s CAPTCHA spam protection was retired when they realised it no longer performed the way they’d hoped. Spammers naturally got more effective at what they do and Google responded with an advanced upgrade – reCAPTCHA.

invisible spam protection form

ReCAPTCHA is designed to automatically judge whether a user is a human or a robot. You’ve no doubt seen this when submitting forms on websites yourself.

Formidable supports and includes reCAPTCHA fields for you to use in your forms. You get V3, the V2 checkbox, and the Invisible reCAPTCHA. This is fantastic spam protection, with the added benefit of not damaging user experience in any way.

Can I use Akismet spam protection?

Akismet works by detecting and preventing spam by comparing words, email address and IP addresses to a constantly updated list.

It works by running hundreds of tests on each form entry to determine whether or not to allow each form submission.

Akismet is used by millions of websites and blocks many more spam comments and submissions. According to their website they block around 7.5 million spam submissions per hour.

Akismet protection can be enabled simply by activating the Akismet plugin on your website, and by turning it on within your Formidable form settings.

Can I use the Wordpress comment blacklist?

This has long been a front-line defense against spam.

It allows you to block certain words, phrases or IP addresses that you know will trigger spam submissions. These conditions are added to your blacklist, which protects your forms from future irrelevant or harmful submissions. This gives you extra control over exactly what you want to block.

Setting all of this up is made by Formidable Forms simple to use interface. We want to make it as easy and non-intrusive as possible for you to get the protection you need.

With spam protection like the examples above, you’ll save so much time and energy. Your website will perform better and you can concentrate on running your business, rather than worrying about spam.

So, don’t wait until your website drops further in the rankings. Take action today, stop spam and boost your conversions.

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