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Do you have long, multi-page forms on your WordPress website?

Are your long forms frequently not being completed? Are they being submitted less often? Are you getting a high bounce rate or low 'time spent' on the page with your form?

No doubt your users are busy, trying to squeeze in multiple tasks throughout the day.

Your form might be one of them, but when they see that it's quite long, they may have second thoughts about filling it in. They might even decide not to bother with it at all.

When are they going to find the time to fill in ten pages of questions? It's a fair enough question but it's bad news for your website.

If any of this rings true, then you need a solution that will help you boost your conversions. You could get rid of long forms altogether, or drastically reduce them but that isn't always an option.

The option to save and continue draft submissions is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

The solution - save and continue long form submissions

The way to solve low conversions with long forms is to reduce friction and make them much easier to fill out. Allowing users to take their time can help fit the forms into their busy lives.

Saving partial submissions to continue later is a simple but effective solution. It means giving your logged-in users the option to fill in part of your form, save and come back at a later time.

This makes long forms easier to fit in with other day-to-day tasks. The last thing you want is for a user to take a look at your long form and decide not to bother even starting it. Giving them a way to continue later solves this problem in a convenient way.

Users also won't have to waste time starting all over again when they return. All they need to do is click 'save' and they can complete the form another time.

I must say, I am just discovering all the potential of Formidable Pro, and it's brilliant! This will save me a lot of time.

Why save and continue drafts?

Save and continue partial submission with WordPress forms

Save and continue with progress bars

Multi-step forms with progress bars allow users to clearly see how far through the form they are. Then they can decide whether to continue now or pick up their progress at another time.

When users can save and continue later, form drafts are saved automatically after each page turn. This keeps all previous data safe and you get the partial form submissions for abandoned forms too.

So, make things easier for your users and get more form submissions. Break your form into easily manageable steps that they can do in their own time with the option to Save and Continue partial submissions.

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