Save and Continue Partial Submissions

Do you have a long, multi-page form on your WordPress site? Enable users to save form progress and continue to increase conversion rates and decrease user frustration. Any logged-in user can save a partial submission as a draft and continue at a later time. A draft can be saved again and again.

When the option to save and continue is enabled, a draft is saved automatically for logged in users each time the page is changed. Users can go backward and forward through your form pages, and add and edit their responses before the final form submission.

The option to save and continue draft submissions is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

Why save and continue drafts?

  • Less risk of data loss due to user error, device failure or low battery
  • Allow users to take a break throughout long forms to increase conversion rates
  • Users can enter data during the work day and submit it at the day's end
  • Form actions are triggered on submission by default, with the option to trigger emails when a draft is saved.

Saving form progress is cool

Save and continue partial submission with WordPress forms

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