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WOW. Formidable Forms is indeed... formidable!! I've been using it every day for a month now and you've created an amazingly powerful tool that's allowing me to whip up a subscriber-based front-end database that I didn't think was possible without hiring a 'real' developer. Your documentation is amazing and I've found answers to dozens and dozens of questions, all with easy to follow steps that allow even this noob to create complex exchanges of information.

Eric Salles

Wow, Fantastic! We switched to Formidable Forms as the native WooCommerce variable products could not handle the amount of data we need per product, but Formidable Forms does that with ease! Brilliant product and support!

Lee H

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate Google Sheets with WordPress?

The easiest way to integrate Google Sheets with a WordPress site is to install the Formidable Forms plugin. Then, just follow these five steps:

  1. Activate the Google Sheets add-on
  2. Create a Google API project in your Google account
  3. Make your Google Sheets form
  4. Connect your form to Google Sheets
  5. Display your form

See the step-by-step guide to sending WordPress forms to Google Sheets for more detailed instructions!

Can you embed Google Sheets into a website?

You sure can! To embed a Google Drive document or spreadsheet into your website, first open the file in your Google Drive. Then go to File → Share → Publish to web.

Next, under Embed, choose to share the entire document or a selected sheet, and click Publish.

Copy and paste the iframe code into your site, and Update your post or page. Way to go! 🙌 You just embedded a Google Sheet into a WordPress page!

How do I integrate WooCommerce with Google Sheets?

To integrate WooCommerce with Google Sheets, first create your order or product forms in Formidable Forms. Then, simply use Formidable’s Google Sheets Integration to send your WooCommerce form data to Google Sheets automatically.

Are there other integration options?

Sure! If you're searching for a simpler setup with the Google API, check out these Google Sheet integrations.

Create Rows in Google Sheets

Add WordPress form data to a Google spreadsheet with Uncanny Automator (a great Zapier alternative).

Get Integration

Add rows to Google Sheets

A new row will be added to the Google Sheet of your choice, putting the latest information at your fingertips, at all times.

Use Integration

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