WooCommerce Add-On

Add WooCommerce custom fields to your products

Insert a Formidable form on your WooCommerce product pages. Make your form however you would like, add a calculation to generate the total, and select your form in the sidebar box on the WooCommerce page. Then collect data when a product is added to the cart. You can even include variable pricing based on the options chosen in the form.

Need your customers to upload a file when they purchase a product? No problem. Drop a file upload field into your WooCommerce form and you're done.

The WooCommerce add-on is included in the Formidable Forms Elite license.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce plugin used on millions of sites. Download WooCommerce for free over at WordPress.org to immediately start collecting payments from your customers.

WooCommerce custom fields features

  • Add extra fields to product pages and collect extra information. This includes repeaters, embedded forms and other fields on a single-paged form.
  • Include calculated fields to add more options for product customizability.
  • Show submitted form values for most field types in the cart and in the WooCommerce emails.
  • Trigger emails, SMS text messages, API calls and/or MailChimp integrations when an order is created or completed.

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