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Build a Wide Range of Web Apps

Use Views with Formidable’s form-builder to build custom web applications with WordPress. It’s easy to create any custom application you can imagine, whether it be job boards, staff directories, testimonials, recipes, or more. In no time you’ll get admin or user-generated content that transforms beautifully into a website you can be proud of.

Stylized image depicting how Formidable Forms can be used to create a property listing for a real estate business.
Stylized image depicting how Formidable Forms can be used to create a menu for a restaurant or takeaway service.
Stylized image depicting how Formidable Forms can be used to create a business directory.
Stylized image depicting how Formidable Forms can be used to create a contact list.
Stylized image depicting how Formidable Forms can be used to create a list of movies. The list can be filtered by category.

Create Customized Solutions for Any Project

With Formidable Views, you get hundreds of WordPress plugins for the price of one. It’s a directory plugin, recipe plugin, classifieds plugin, job board plugin, and more, all wrapped into one!

Display Data for Any Solution

Transform form entries into listings, directories, calendars and powerful front-end content.

Low-Code WordPress Application Builder

Search for items in your application by name, city, age, or anything else you choose.

User-Submitted Content

Add new posts and pages with custom fields, titles, and a featured image.

Front-End Editing

Allow users to edit form submissions & posts without seeing the admin area.

Entry Management

Update, search for, and delete submissions from the front or back end.

Reports, Graphs, and Charts

Display statistics and graph form submissions with eye-catching visualizations.

Advanced Search Forms

Search for items in your application by name, city, age, or anything else you choose.

Export Table Views to CSV

Create custom CSV files and allow users to export their data from the front end.

Math Formulas

Calculate simple & advanced math formulas for the stats you need.

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The Low-Code Application that Makes Anything Possible

Picture this: a visitor fills out the contact form made by a smart WordPress application builder. Then, once they submit the form, Formidable creates a dashboard on a private page that displays graphs, demographics, location data, and anything else that gets submitted.

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Stylized image depicting how Formidable Forms can be used to create listings and show details of each of the listing's entries.

What Can a WordPress Views Plugin do for Me?

Easy: Formidable Views collects form data and creates elegant and eye-catching web content without you writing a single line of code. Save time connecting form data to our one-of-a-kind layout builder and get beautiful apps on any WordPress website in no time!

Step 1

Create a form

Step 2

Build a view

Step 3

Collect form submission data

Step 4

Automatically generate & publish web content

Step 5

Complete the project & celebrate

Form Data Displayed Your Way

Let Formidable Views put your form data to work with functional designs you can display across your client sites! With our flexible WordPress application builder, you can design online event calendars, WordPress data tables, and so much more!

Start collecting user-submitted data from any type of form and use our database-driven website builder to display up-to-date tables, menus, listings and more today!

Stylized image depicting how Formidable Forms data can be displayed in different ways, such as in a calendar.

Application Templates Built for You

Invoice PDF Template

Invoice PDF

Create informative and detailed invoices in a short amount of time. All you have to do is input the needed information and the rest will be done for you.

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Certificate of appreciation Template


Create professional and personalized certificates in just a few clicks. Simply input your information, customize to your liking, and generate a high-quality PDF certificate ready for printing or digital sharing.

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Show business hours from template

Business Hours

Set your business hours and show a message to let your visitors know if you are currently open or closed.

Learn More
Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of Recommendation

Find your dream job with a professional letter of recommendation. Often written by the job applicant's most recent supervisor, this letter highlights the applicant's abilities, traits, and qualities relevant to the job position for which they are applying.

Learn More
Team Directory Template

Team Directory

Choose between two layouts, add your team in the form, and done.

Learn More

Charity Tracker

Collect and track charitable donations in just a few clicks. Simply change the charity name and goal, customize it however you would like, and generate three different charity donation trackers.

Learn More
FAQ template


Save time by easily adding new questions and answers to your FAQ page.

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Member directory template

Member Directory

Register users, let them edit their own profiles, and add them to a searchable member list.

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Product Review and Purchase Template

Product Review and Purchase

Boost customer satisfaction by gathering product feedback. Also allow product purchases.

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Real Estate Listing Template

Real Estate Listing

View real estate listings, search, and add new listings. Logged-in users can edit their listings too.

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Testimonials card Template


Collect testimonials in the form, and choose between three layouts before publishing.

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Restaurant Menu Template

Restaurant Menu

Instantly create an online restaurant menu in WordPress.

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Link in Bio Instagram template

Link in Bio Instagram Page

Create a landing page for the "Link in Bio" from Instagram.

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Contract Agreement Template

Contract Agreement

Easily create a contract to fit your needs by using this contract agreement template.

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Business Directory template

Business Directory

Collect paid business listings, accept user reviews, and let visitors contact a business.

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More Than Just a WordPress Database Plugin

Formidable Views is the only WordPress tool that can help you do it all. Collect data with powerful forms, then display that data fast and beautifully with Views.

What application will you build first?

Try Formidable Forms Risk-Free for 14 days

Stylized image depicting how different data can be captured and displayed with Formidable Forms: restaurants, properties, people, etc.

Here's What Our Community is Saying:

The most remarkable plug-in I have ever used. Unbelievable as to the functions you can perform, knowing next to no html, php or any other technical stuff… Hats off to you for this masterful tool. Your plugin has been a dream to me and was the critical piece I was missing in building a directory.
Profile picture of a Formidable Forms customer
Paul Widdershoven
It’s a natural for building staff directories, resource libraries, and similar applications that collect and display data on a site. It is also a very strong tool for building front-end data collection forms requiring conditional workflows, calculations and other advanced features.
Profile picture of a Formidable Forms customer
Dan Bashaw

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about creating solutions with Formidable Views? See below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

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General FAQs
How does WordPress display form data with Views?

Many form builders can collect data for things like guest posts, but Formidable Views takes it one big step further. It’s a simple process: create a form, collect data, then use our low-code Views platform to display that data however you want.

Is Formidable Views a WordPress database application builder?

It sure is. Use online forms or import your data, then build relationships easily using our low-code solution. Once you’ve got the data loaded, building web applications with WordPress is easy.

Learn more: How to Save Form Data in Databases in WordPress

Can Views help easily build data-driven web applications with WordPress?

The keyword there is "easily" - and the answer is yes! Formidable Views can speed up web development immensely. For example, there’s no need to do any database work at all. We’ve built Views for easy app development, whether you’re a developer or not.

What kind of layouts can I build using Views?

Still wondering what Views will look like on your WordPress site? That’s entirely up to you. You can build a WordPress membership directory, a WordPress calendar, image galleries - you name it! Create entire web pages or modules using data tables, images, text, listings, and advanced conditional forms.

Can I build WordPress members-only pages?

Yes, definitely. First, create a registration form to register new users. This could be a multi-step form to make collecting membership data even easier. After that, use Formidable Views to automatically show member profiles.

Learn more: How to create a WordPress user directory

What types of websites can I make with Views?

With Views, there are endless ways to display your form data. Tweak every possible option with Formidable's View settings. For developers, we also have advanced view concepts that will blow your clients away. You can even create forms where either the admin or users manage submissions.

Use Formidable Views and WordPress to make custom page templates, whatever they might be! We’ve written a lot about different Views use cases on our blog:

Can I create a searchable database in a WordPress site?

You sure can! Formidable Views can cover your WordPress searchable database plugin needs. Creating your database online is easy. Start by sending data from WordPress forms to the database on your WordPress site.

After that, use Formidable Views to display database data in a WordPress page, post, or custom post type. You can make datatables, lists, or whatever you want. And of course, Views allow you to create filters and use advanced search. Instant custom database!

Learn more: How to Create a Searchable Database in WordPress

Can Views use WordPress to add search to a page?

Wondering how to add a WordPress search box on a page? While you can use the default WordPress search bar, there's potential to do so much more. If you are looking for advanced options, this is yet another job for Formidable Views.

Tweak every option you can imagine to create powerful WordPress search forms with custom management systems & dynamic results pages.

Learn more: How to Create a Searchable Database in WordPress

Can Views create one-to-many relationships?

Yes! Use Formidable Views to create one-to-many relationships between form data and the frontend of your website.

Here’s one quick example. You can create a vehicle maintenance log that helps the internal team keep track of progress in a dashboard, while also updating the customer with email notifications or a dedicated customer portal.

What are Formidable Views

Views are a way to transform and revolutionize what you do with collected form data in WordPress. With Views, you have a tool to build something truly unique and memorable.

Views allow you to build an application or display for your form data to feed into. Any data that is submitted through a Formidable form can be displayed beautifully, searched for, or filtered on the front end of your site.

What does low-code mean?

Low-code refers to a user interface (UI) platform that provides a development environment used to create web applications. So, instead of writing many lines of code, most options and settings are built-in to allow users the freedom to build web apps easily.

Does the Formidable team offer customer support?

We've been training WordPress warriors for 11+ years with our vast amount of support articles.

You'll find helpful tutorials on how to create a view, how to publish a view, and dozens more help docs devoted to displaying your form data with style.

Learn more: How to Create a View

Is Formidable Views a WordPress 'form to post' plugin?

Wondering if Formidable includes post submission form tools? Sure does. Collect user-submitted content with our WordPress custom fields. These include fields to collect all kinds of post content.

Image upload fields for featured images, text fields for text, hidden fields for tracking, and much more. Formidable even has 100+ form templates to help you collect data quickly and easily.

Learn more: User Submitted Posts & Pages

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