Team Directory Template

Choose between two layouts, add your team in the form, and done.

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This template is ideal for team and staff listings pages, and other types of simple people directories. This template includes one form without any form actions and two Views with different layouts to choose from.

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Team Directory Grid Template

Team Directory Grid Template

Team Directory List Template

Team Directory List Template

Here's What Our Community is Saying:

The most remarkable plug-in I have ever used. Unbelievable as to the functions you can perform, knowing next to no html, php or any other technical stuff. If you use WordPress for just about any purpose you have to take advantage of the free version its amazing by itself. The pro version makes it sing. Hats off to you for this masterful tool. Your plugin has been a dream to me and was the critical piece I was missing in building a directory.

Paul Widdershoven

WOW. Formidable Forms is indeed... formidable!! I've been using it every day for a month now and you've created an amazingly powerful tool that's allowing me to whip up a subscriber-based front-end database that I didn't think was possible without hiring a 'real' developer. Your documentation is amazing and I've found answers to dozens and dozens of questions, all with easy to follow steps that allow even this noob to create complex exchanges of information.

Eric Salles

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