Testimonials Template

Collect testimonials in the form, and choose between three layouts before publishing.

This application template is included with the Business plan.

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The Testimonial template application includes:

  • A conversational form for collecting testimonials
  • 3 different layout options to show the testimonials including cards, grid, and a list.
  • 2 pages in draft mode: one for the form and one to show the testimonials. You can publish these when you're ready.

As always, these templates are completely customizable, so you can make any additions or changes that you wish.

Testimonial Cards Template

WordPress testimonial template cards

Testimonial List Template

WordPress customer testimonial template example list

Testimonial Grid Template

client testimonial template example grid for WordPress

Submit a Testimonial Form Template

Testimonial form template for WordPress

Here's What Our Community is Saying:

I am not a developer, but your product is so user friendly that I have been able to build a feature rich website that looks great without developer assistance. Your step by step 'how to' in your documentation enabled me to create a great looking calendar without any questions.

Bill Dillon

WOW. Formidable Forms is indeed... formidable!! I've been using it every day for a month now and you've created an amazingly powerful tool that's allowing me to whip up a subscriber-based front-end database that I didn't think was possible without hiring a 'real' developer. Your documentation is amazing and I've found answers to dozens and dozens of questions, all with easy to follow steps that allow even this noob to create complex exchanges of information.

Eric Salles

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