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Creating my own revenue generating website from scratch was a unique and rewarding experience. This website was created from scratch by a person with almost no programming or design background. One of the biggest pieces of that success was Formidable Forms.

Richard Camara

I’ve been using Formidable Pro on various sites for longer than I can remember. I’ve used it to power a vacation rental site, a property management site, an inventory management site, portions of an eCommerce site, and various other projects. Over many years, the team at Formidable keeps making the product better and more powerful... Definitely worth the money for anyone that needs a powerful and flexible forms plugin.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does WordPress work with Stripe?

WordPress doesn't work with Stripe natively.

To use Stripe on WordPress, you must use a plugin to connect your Stripe account and WordPress. We recommend using Formidable Forms because of its easy Stripe integration and powerful features.

Is Stripe better than PayPal?

Many people consider Stripe to be better than PayPal.

It gives you a simple checkout experience, powerful tools, and an easy integration process, so it's preferred for business and personal uses. In addition, Stripe now accepts PayPal payments. So, overall, Stripe is a great alternative to PayPal.

For a deeper dive, check out this in-depth Stripe versus PayPal comparison.

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Import & Export

Transfer forms, entries, views and styles to another site or import entries from another service.

WordPress Document Signing Add-On

Add an electronic signature box to your WordPress form to allow written, digital signatures.

Table View to CSV Converter Add-On

Easily create custom CSV files and allow users to export their data from the front-end of your site.