Stripe Add-On

Stripe payments for WordPress

Do you want to safely collect credit card payments from your own site without a full eCommerce solution? This Stripe WordPress plugin helps you do exactly that. Create a form with any fields you choose, and set it to collect one-time or recurring credit card payments. In just a few minutes, you'll be collecting Stripe payments directly on your WordPress site.

Would you like to offer the option to pay with a card or mail a check? Just add conditional logic in your Stripe plugin settings to only show the credit card field and charge it when your users say so.

The Stripe add-on is included with the Formidable Forms Elite package.

Stripe WordPress plugin features

  • Collect Stripe payments without sending people away from your site.
  • With Stripe, the credit card details are not saved or submitted to your site, so you don't have to worry about PCI compliance.
  • Setup one-time payments or recurring subscriptions.
  • Use the frm-subscriptions shortcode to show a logged-in user their list of subscriptions and allow easy cancelations.
  • Use Formidable Pro calculated fields to charge different amounts based on selections in the form.
  • Refund charges and cancel subscriptions directly from your site.
  • When a charge is refunded in Stripe, it will automatically be marked as refunded on your site.
  • Make automatic changes to your entry after a Stripe payment is completed, refunded, or failed. This allows you to only publish posts and entries that have been paid for.
  • After the Stripe payment is received, trigger other form actions including email notifications, add to MailChimp lists, and Twilio SMS.

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