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Create Beautiful Directory Listings for Business, Teams, Members, and Beyond

  • Create your own directory website
  • Collect free & paid directory submissions
  • Allow user-generated reviews & ratings
  • Add data to listings pages with no limits
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Trusted By More Than 300,000 Businesses

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A Simple Directory Plugin WordPress Users Can Rely On

Formidable Forms is the WordPress directory listing plugin of choice for thousands of users.

Free & Paid Submission Support

Accept paid submissions with the most popular payment gateways.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Customize your directory forms in no time with our form builder.

Rating & Reviews System

Easily collect star ratings and reviews on your listings.

Visual Form Styler

Ensure your directory forms match your WordPress theme with no coding needed.

Easy to Use Directory Templates

Get started fast with our editable directory templates.

Display Submitted Listings with Views

Display any submitted data on your site with no PHP required.

Contact the Listing Owner

Use the included contact form to get in touch with the listing owner.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Listings

Design your directory your way with our responsive View builder.

The WordPress Online Directory Plugin You Need

Easily build online directory listings pages and websites with Formidable Forms. Create local, private, public, free, and paid listings - you decide. Why wait any longer? It's time to make your dream directory website a reality.

Try Formidable Forms Risk-Free for 14 days

Stylized image depicting how directories can be created with entries from Formidable forms.

Build Your Online Business Directory the Easy Way

With our drag and drop form builder and advanced Views feature, you can build your WordPress business directory with ease. Streamline the creation of all the forms and Views needed for full-featured listings. All you have to do is choose a page name and customize your forms. We automatically create the listing pages based on directory submissions.

Formidable is the most flexible and powerful business directory plugin available to WordPress users. Period.

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All the Directory Listing Form Fields You Need

Formidable has all the form fields any online or local business needs to create a winning directory listings website. Create multi-page forms that collect whatever your listings require, including photos, location details for maps, reviews, or anything else. Easily add a rating and review system that puts Yelp to shame.

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Beautiful WordPress Directory Templates

Formidable can create any kind of directory themed site you need. But to make things easy, we've included three beautiful WordPress directory templates to make your site come alive.

Business Directory Theme

Add pro features like paid listings, business reviews, a contact form, and a Google map.

Staff Directory Theme

Choose between two layouts, add team members in the form, and you're done.

User Directory Theme

Let your members add a profile and opt in to be listed in the directory.

Start Building Your Directory Today

Complete your directory website in minutes.

Does What Other WordPress Directory Plugins Can't

The problem with most WordPress directory plugins? They only build directory sites. Formidable Forms is a powerful tool that can create web apps with just one limitation: your imagination.

The Best Form Builder

With Formidable, building forms is easy. Our drag and drop form builder can create the directory submission forms you need to build a complete listings website.

Stylized image depicting how easy it is to add fields to a form with Formidable Forms.
Stylized image depicting form entries being displayed in a list with Formidable Forms.

Automatically Display Listing Data

With Formidable's powerful Views feature, you can display directory submission data however you want. Why spend hours creating listing pages manually when the entire process can be automated?

Front-End Submission Options

Easily create options for adding new listings & adjusting old ones. Users can submit their original listing then come back to add updates, reviews, or whatever content best fits the website.

Stylized image depicting details of form entries being displayed with Formidable Forms.
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All the Integrations You Need

Formidable integrates with the platforms you need. Connect payment platforms, email marketing services, CRM's, and more. Use our Zapier add-on for virtually unlimited integrations.

We’re More than just a WordPress Directory Plugin

Automated, beautiful directory listings are only the beginning. Learn why Formidable Forms is the WordPress plugin behind thousands of websites around the world.

Try Formidable Forms Risk-Free for 14 days

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Here's What Our Community is Saying:

The most remarkable plug-in I have ever used. Unbelievable as to the functions you can perform, knowing next to no html, php or any other technical stuff… Hats off to you for this masterful tool. Your plugin has been a dream to me and was the critical piece I was missing in building a directory.
Profile picture of a Formidable Forms customer
Paul Widdershoven
It’s a natural for building staff directories, resource libraries, and similar applications that collect and display data on a site. It is also a very strong tool for building front-end data collection forms requiring conditional workflows, calculations and other advanced features.
Profile picture of a Formidable Forms customer
Dan Bashaw

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about the Formidable Directory Plugin? See below for our most frequently asked questions.

How Can I Use a WordPress Directory Plugin?

  • Staff Directory
  • Medical Directory
  • Church Directory
  • Store Directory
  • Mall Directory
  • Member Directory
  • Team Directory
  • School Directory
  • Alumni Directory
  • Local Listings
  • Business Listings
  • Block Directory
  • Web Domain Listings
  • Nonprofit Listings
  • Many more!
Who should use Formidable Forms?

If you want to build any type of directory listings website, you should use Formidable Forms. For example, many users think building a business directory requires a specific WordPress business listings plugin - not true. Formidable has the flexibility needed to build anything you set your mind to.

What do I need to use Formidable Forms?

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, you are good to go. If you are a professional developer, you can install Formidable Forms on your client's WordPress sites too. For the time being, our plugin does not work on non-WordPress sites.

Once the Formidable plugin is installed and activated, you're off! Our drag-and-drop form builder makes it so you don't have to code a thing if you don't want to.

Do I need coding skills to use Formidable Forms?

100% no! With zero coding skills, you can still create powerful websites using Formidable. We built our plugin to be equally useful for those with and without coding ability. However, if you would like to customize the layouts of your directory pages, some coding skills will come in handy.

How do I create a directory in WordPress?

The main components of an online directory vary, but they usually include two core pieces. First, a series of online web forms to collect directory submissions. Second, a method for converting submission data into web pages.

This is where we've got you covered! Formidable Forms can easily handle both aspects of building a directory site using WordPress. And all with minimal effort on your part.

How do I create a business directory in WordPress?

Creating a business directory in WordPress is no different than creating any type of directory or listings site. Collect data in the form of business listing submissions and automate the creation of business listing pages. Formidable Forms can be used to create any type of directory website.

How can I create a directory website in WordPress?

If you can create the pages needed to build a directory website, then you are set! It's an ambitious goal, but there are thousands of profitable directory style websites online today. If you are building one using WordPress, you can choose a directory plugin or a directory theme.

Depending on what your goals are, either one could work well. Having said that, we feel confident that Formidable Forms offers the flexibility to power a wide range of directory websites.

Do I need a WordPress directory theme?

No, you don't! If you want to create an online business directory website (or any directory site), Formidable Forms will work for you. Our flexible all-in-one plugin to function with any WordPress theme.

What's more, Formidable can be used to do everything a directory theme does too. Photo uploads, adjustable banners, submission forms, real-time updates, and beyond.

Is Formidable the best WordPress staff directory plugin?

We'll leave that for you to decide. So you tell us. We have a 14-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee for anybody who wants to try our plugin, and we'd love to hear what you have to say.

We strive to make our plugin as dynamic and useful for everyone for everyone as possible. This includes everyone from small business owners to our bigger customers like Apple and Audi.

Can Formidable do the same things as a WordPress store directory plugin?

There are a number of industry-specific WordPress directory plugins available today. The fact is that some of them do what others cannot, which makes it hard to get exactly what you want.

A better question may be "What can Formidable do that a WordPress store directory plugin cannot?"

That answer is easy. Everything else! A WordPress store directory plugin is limited to doing one thing, while Formidable can do it all. Build conversational forms, track data and turn it into graphs, create landing pages, secure and send gated content, and yes, build a directory plugin!

But why decide before trying out the competition?

We encourage you to test a range of plugins before making the important decision. And we are so confident our plugin will blow the others out of the water, we happily offer a 14-day free trial so you can try before committing!

Can I use Formidable as a WordPress company directory plugin?

You sure can.

With Formidable, there are built-in user registration features to streamline the creation of a company directory. You can easily generate user profiles or a profile page based on a registration form.

You can also allow employees to edit their information from the frontend or the backend of your WordPress site. If you run a large business with a lot of employees, you can install a profile search bar as well.

Is Formidable comparable to an employee directory WordPress plugin?

It depends on how you are comparing.

An employee directory plugin is designed to do one thing: create an employee directory. Can Formidable Forms be used to create an employee directory? Absolutely - though it can do so much more than just that!

Do I need a WordPress member directory plugin instead?

If you are building a membership directory, there is no reason why you couldn't use Formidable Forms. Membership plugins are focused specifically on membership features. Formidable is a flexible plugin that can create virtually any web application you can dream up.