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  • Support peer to peer fundraising
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The Fully-Featured WordPress Donation Plugin You Can Count On

Formidable Forms is the proven WordPress donation form plugin you can trust. Transform WordPress into a fundraising machine for nonprofits with our user-friendly donation form builder.

Accept Recurring Donations

Make recurring donations easy with auto-donations via credit card donation forms.

Collect Donations with Multiple Gateways

Donating is flexible with credit card payments from PayPal, Stripe, and

Visible Goal Tracking

Share how much money has been raised to show that others are donating too.

Visual Donation Form Styler

Ensure your donation forms fit the look of your site with our intuitive visual styler.

Drag and Drop Donation Form Builder

Adding donation forms to your nonprofit site is easy with our drag and drop form plugin.

Donation Templates for Instant Forms

Use customizable templates for churches, schools, volunteer groups, and more.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive WordPress Donation Forms

Create donation forms that fit every screen size to increase donation rates!

Create a Donation Application

Use donation data in fully customizable, powerful Views on a WordPress site.

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Collect Vital Data and Donations Online

Use secure online donation forms to raise funds and gather valuable data about supporters. No more transcribing from a piece of paper on a clipboard. Simply choose a form and tailor it to your needs. Start now with the most dynamic donation software for WordPress.

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WordPress Donation Templates to Fuel Your Non Profit

Start accepting donations and payments quickly with a form template for non profits. Maybe your fundraising doesn’t fit the mold? You can tailor our charitable donation form template to suit your needs.

PayPal Donation Form

Easily and securely collect PayPal donations from anyone.

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Volunteer Recruitment Application Form

Collect scheduling details, contact information, and relevant experience from volunteer applicants.

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Prayer Request Form

Help your remote congregation and shut-ins to connect with your church.

View Demo Use Template

Church Membership Form

Gather contact information from new church members.

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Sponsorship Form

A simple form for use in managing business sponsorships.

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Charitable Donation Form

A quick and easy form for collecting and keeping track of charitable donations.

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Car Donation Form

Collecting vehicle donations? Get all the details you need in this simple online form.

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Credit Card Donation Form

Credit card donations are the easiest way to donate, and this form template will make it quick for your organization.

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GiveWP Donation Form

Using GiveWP? This form will help you create a peer-to-peer campaign submission form for GiveWP.

View Demo Use Template

Fundraiser Order Form

Make online fundraising a breeze and help volunteers raise money for your nonprofit.

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Church Donation Form

Collect donations for your church or a cause with Stripe credit card payments.

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Donation Request Form

Request donations for your event with this form.

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Raffle Donation Form

Collect and track donated items for a raffle or auction in this easy online form.

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Sponsor Donation Form

Use this online form to handle your event sponsorship and donation applications.

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Donation Pledge Form

Don't be stuck on how to take pledges from donors. This template will keep everything organized.

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Volunteer Hours Form

Use this form to log your volunteer hours.

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Community Service Form

Gather essential details from volunteers and participants who are actively engaged in community service initiatives.

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Non Profit Donation Form

This donation form template will help nonprofits or charities easily collect donor information & raise money.

View Demo Use Template

Silent Auction Donation Form

Collect donated items and bids for your fundraiser.

View Demo Use Template

In-Kind Donation Form

This simple in-kind template will make it easier to collect non-cash donations for your organization.

View Demo Use Template

Donation Form

Nonprofits can collect donations the easy way. It is perfect for organizations of all types and sizes!

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Alumni Donation

Are you hoping for donations to your school? If so, this is the form for you.

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The WordPress Fundraising Plugin for Crowdfunding and Recurring Donations

The Formidable fundraising plugin for WordPress solves the problem of raising money in one fell swoop. By providing an easy way to fundraise and collect recurring donations from donors all over the world, you'll be accepting payments fast.

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Start Building Donation Forms Now

Creating donation forms with Formidable takes just minutes.

Does What Other Online Fundraising Plugins Can’t

Just like any nonprofit organization, there’s far more to Formidable Forms than just collecting donations. Our comprehensive plugin also gives you powerful survey builders, online calculators, and more. Combined with Formidable Views, you can even create a site like GoFundMe.

Fast & Easy Donation Form Building

With Formidable, building donation forms is easy. Our drag and drop form builder gives you the tools to create the donation pages you need in minutes.

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Endlessly Customizable Reports

Customize donation stats in an infinite variety of graphs to track fundraising progress. Get visually appealing, informative, and engaging reports for donation amounts, donation counters, and more!

All the Integrations You Need

Formidable Forms is a comprehensive system that caters to businesses on all levels. It integrates with top platforms, like payment gateways and CRM's as well as email marketing services and automation tools.

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The Best WordPress Plugin for Nonprofits for Donations

Donations are the lifeblood of charities and other NPOs. But, there’s more than just money behind a successful nonprofit. The Formidable Forms donation plugin goes beyond monetary transactions, enabling you to foster volunteerism, add to your database of contacts, and keep it all organized.

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We’re More than Just a WordPress Donation Plugin

Powerful donation forms are only the beginning. See why agencies, developers, businesses, NPOs, and designers trust our WordPress form builder.

Try Formidable Forms Risk-Free for 14 days

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Here's What Our Community is Saying:

I have been using Formidable Pro since I started using WordPress (or close to the start). Everything from calculating percentages of a total giving form to adding up multiple donations, to submitting content to add to tourism websites, this form builder has been great. And support has been best in class.
Joe Watts
I have used Formidable and Formidable Pro on many, many client sites for several different project including everything from a basic “contact us” form, to donation pages, to data collection, to providing ability to add entries to custom posts, to event management and more.

Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

Do you have a question about Formidable donation forms? See below for our most common questions.

How do I set up donations on WordPress?

It's simple to create a donation, volunteer, or other nonprofit form when you use Formidable. Begin with one of our templates. Use the drag and drop feature to add more fields as required. Finally, add the form to a WordPress page and publish it. We promise it's as simple as it sounds!

How do I set up a donation page?

Start by creating a landing page in WordPress. Make it easy to find by linking internally to your main page and other relevant pages, like blog articles. Build a donation form from one of our templates and insert it on a page by adding a Formidable Forms block or copy and paste the shortcode.

Read more: How to make a donation page for your WordPress website

Can I request time donations in addition to payments?

Supporters wanting to donate or even just learn more about your organization may be willing to give their time as well. But you won’t know unless you ask! Create a Volunteer Recruitment Application Form that integrates seamlessly with your site to collect essential data while your cause is top of mind.

How do I accept secure payments for donations on my website?

Many would-be supporters may hesitate to donate online versus in-person out of concern for the security of their personal information. When you create a WordPress donation form with Formidable, it’s easy to add payment options your backers know and trust. You'll get easy access to Stripe and PayPal donation forms.

How can I handle donor management?

With the extreme flexibility of Formidable Views, you can build a donor management system to help track donations. If you would like an ultra fast, out of the box solution, Formidable also integrates with GiveWP. GiveWP can also add donation upsells on the WooCommerce checkout page.

How is GiveWP different from Formidable Forms?

Formidable Forms is not only a WordPress donation plugin, but is also designed for contact forms, calculators, surveys, directories, and other website applications. The options are limitless.

GiveWP offers built-in options that can save time when setting up a donation website. While many of these features can be created with Formidable Views and graphs, some advanced donor management may need to be done custom.