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We were able to streamline our internal workflow for communications projects, purchasing and facilities by creating forms that are not only contextual, but conditional. These forms ask the right questions and help to significantly shorten our workflow timeline by getting us the right answers and complete content for projects early in the process. It has changed how we work.

Jeannie Lucas

We use Formidable as the primary source of intake forms. One of the huge benefits is that we can make it dynamic so as to allow our clients to only answer questions pertinent to them. So depending on how they answer a question there could be more or less questions that pop up.

Bjørn Jensen

Frequently Asked Questions

How does conditional logic make smart forms?

Smart forms with conditional logic respond to a user's actions so they are only shown fields that are relevant to them. Users will be shown certain sections based on previous answers they've given.

They won't even see sections that aren't relevant to them based on previous answers. That means no more scrolling through irrelevant sections (potentially missing the relevant ones).

You can automatically show and hide fields, sections of fields, form submit buttons or even skip through entire pages with branching forms.

Shorter forms with fewer fields means increased conversions. You're also more likely to receive fully completed forms because there are fewer options people will want to skip.

Say a user selects Option B in one question. There's no need to show them follow up questions that only relate to Option A. You only need to show them follow up questions that relate to Option B.

Instead, create smart, dynamic forms with conditional fields to ensure that every form you build is closely tailored to and based on user selections.
conditional logic to create smart forms

Can I use conditional branching in my WordPress forms?

Studies show that multi-page forms with progress bars further increase conversion rates. With branching forms, full pages can be skipped automatically based on user selections. Maximize form conversion rates with a combination of multi-step forms and conditional branching to make the form look and feel as frictionless as possible.

Why do pros use smart forms with conditional logic?

Conditional logic is something that the pros in web form design are already using.

That's why they have such a slick, streamlined experiences when you arrive on their website and fill in their forms.

Reasons why you should join the pros and start using conditional logic:

  • Improve form conversion rates with shorter forms. Once a form is started, it's much more likely to be completed.
  • Make forms less confusing. Smart forms can guide users step-by-step. It's like having your very own guide sitting next to you.
  • Customize the user experience. User experience can be customized based on how the user has answered previous questions. Simply hide the questions you don't need to ask and only show follow-up questions that make sense for that user.
  • Show a triggered message. You can set conditional logic to show a message or image when a value is selected in a form field. For example, you can show a message if a user enters their birth date and is under 21 years old. This saves everyone time.
  • Conditionally redirect after submission. Send your form users to the next step once they've submitted your online WordPress form. For example, you could send them to a membership area or checkout page to complete the sales process.

Conditional logic forms are easy to adapt and shape the way you want. Whatever your needs, conditional logic will provide a convenient solution. All it takes is a little thought from you in the beginning, and then watch your conversions increase.

Ready to simplify your forms and boost conversions? Get started with Formidable Forms Pro today to get access to incredibly handy conditional logic.

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