Smart Forms with Conditional Logic

Simplify complex forms with conditional logic that is tailored to each user. These smart forms respond to users’ actions to show only the fields they need. And fewer fields means increased form conversions.

Automatically hide or show single fields, sections of fields, or skip entire pages. Make your users happy with clean, clutter-free forms.

Conditional Branching in WordPress Forms

Formidable Forms Pro also includes multi page forms. Any page break in your form can be skipped to only show the pages you need.
Conditional Branching to Skip Pages

Conditional logic use cases

While your users will benefit from smart, interactive forms, here are a few common examples.

  • Display a message if a user is under 18 years old.
  • Show followup questions in a survey depending on responses in a previous field.
  • Tell the user if their zip code is beyond the service boundaries.

Conditional logic is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

Sample form with conditional logic

Use conditional logic to tailor forms to each user and show only the fields that need to be seen.
Check out how smart it can make your forms.

Landing page - conditional logic
Mmm.... Chocolate ice cream. Good choice. Maybe consider adding caramel and whipped cream?
Are you sure you want that much? The scoops are as big as a baseball.

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