Smart Forms with Conditional Logic

From long multi-paged forms to contact forms, WordPress forms can be made simple. Create smart forms with conditional logic to ensure that every form is tailored to your users.

Smart forms respond to a user’s actions so they are only shown fields that are relevant to them. Fewer fields means increased conversions. Long forms with irrelevant questions increase the chances of the form being left unfinished.

Automatically show or hide fields, sections of fields, the form submit button, and even skip entire pages. As the user makes selections, form fields show or hide based on the form builder settings. Make simple, clean and clutter-free forms for an enhanced user experience.

Conditional logic is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

Conditional Branching in WordPress Forms

Formidable Forms Pro also includes multi-page forms with progress bars. This enables you to create conditional pages that can be easily skipped based on user selections.

Conditional Branching to Skip Pages

Why Pros Use Smart Forms: Conditional Logic Examples

  • Improve conversion rates with shorter forms. Once the form is started, it's more likely to be completed.
  • Make your forms less confusing. Guide your users step-by-step, as if you were sitting next to them.
  • Customize your user experience with applicable followup questions. Hide the questions you don't need to ask.
  • Individually customize form and notification emails.
  • Show a message or image when a value is selected in a form field. For example, show a message if a user enters their birthdate and is under 18 years old. Or prevent form submission if a zip code is beyond your service boundaries.
  • Conditionally redirect after submission.
conditional logic to create smart forms

Check out a Sample Conditional Logic Form

Use conditional logic to tailor forms to each user and show only the fields that need to be seen.
Check out how smart it can make your forms.

Landing page - conditional logic
Mmm.... Chocolate ice cream. Good choice. Maybe consider adding caramel and whipped cream?
Are you sure you want that much? The scoops are as big as a baseball.

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