Visual Form Styler

Are you having trouble getting your forms to look just right? Formidable gives you the ability to create and customize unlimited form styles. These styles are then applied on a form-by-form basis. The visual form styler saves you time by allowing you to immediately see style changes on a sample form. Tweak it until you get it just right.

Your visitors see style before they've had a chance to read a word of copy. Capitalize on this vital means of conveying brand identity with completely a customizable form style generator. We're talking everything from field labels, floating labels, descriptions, colors, settings, to checkbox and radio fields, buttons, form messages, section fields, date fields and more. ALL customizable, with ZERO coding. But you can also add custom CSS if you need a more specific change.

More style templates give you more flexibility. Need a specific form to stand out? Add an additional style template with colors that contrast with your standard color scheme.

The visual form styler is included in the core Formidable Forms plugin. Multiple stylesheets can be created in the Pro version.

Prebuilt form style templates

Maybe you're not sure how you would like your form to look? Check out our form style templates. Style a form in three simple steps: download, import, and select your new style.

Form styling without the CSS

Easily change the look and style of your forms with style templates. Change field colors and sizes, add backgrounds and borders, then easily manage which forms use your styles

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