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Thanks for the great, quick and perfect support. Ten stars for Formidable, the functions and the support.

Rene L Jensen

Formidable forms gives us a really powerful form field design options in their free plugin. This is a welcomed feature, especially in free, for anyone that needs help making their forms look perfect. No need to edit the code under the hood, you can simply select the font sizes and colors to adjust.

Matt Medeiros PluginTut

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prebuilt form style templates?

Need some inspiration? Or maybe you're not sure how you would like your form to look? Check out our form style templates. Style a form in three simple steps: download, import, and select your new style.

With our form style templates, you can start making new form styles in minutes. What's more, you can save your own templates. That means you'll never need to start from scratch when making a new WordPress website.

More style templates give you more flexibility. Need a specific form to stand out? Add an additional style template with colors that contrast with your standard color scheme.

Can I customize everything with the WordPress visual form styler?

With our WordPress form builder, you'll have the ability to create and customize unlimited form styles. These styles are then applied on a form-by-form basis. The visual form styler saves you time by allowing you to immediately see style changes on a sample form. Tweak it until you get it just right.

Here's what you can edit with our WordPress form styler:

  • Form Titles
  • Field Labels
  • Field Colors
  • Buttons
  • Date Picker
  • Progress bars
  • Much more!

So yes, you can edit the background colors. And yes, adding a custom border-radius to any field type is possible. And yes - customizing submit buttons could not be easier!

Editing styles is simple. Just go to the Styles section in Formidable and work through the options step by step. You'll be able to see your edits visually in real-time.

The best part: it's ALL customizable with ZERO coding. But you can also add custom CSS if you need a more specific change.

How can I get started with the visual form styler?

Your visitors recognize your website's style before they've had a chance to read a word of copy. Convey your brand identity proudly with the Formidable Forms customizable form style generator.

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