White Label Form Builder

Start today with the white label form builder that makes your client sites look more professional. With Formidable Pro, you can replace the Formidable branding with your own. Change the "Formidable" menu option in the admin dashboard to something you don't need to explain to your client. Plus, you get more credit for your work.

The strong and silent type, Formidable is also white labeled on the front end of your site. You'll never have a "Powered by Formidable Forms" tagline on your website with any version. Just powerful forms that tie in beautifully with whatever you're building.

The core Formidable Pro plugin is a white label form builder.

Why professionals insist on a white label form builder

  • White label forms don't distract from the visibility of your brand.
  • Save time and money when you don't have to build your own product.
  • White labeling is like having an in-house developer, for a fraction of the cost.
  • Get more credit from clients for your work.

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