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Cascading Lookup Fields

A lookup field gives you enormous flexibility when you need multiple forms to interact behind the scenes. With Lookup fields, you dynamically populate field options and values with data in other forms. This allows your form to automatically retrieve values and use them as options in a dropdown, radio, or checkbox field.

Create a dependent drop down list in a snap. This is perfect for country/state/city or year/make/model fields. The available options are filtered by the value selected in a prior field.

Lookup fields can also take the place of complex calculations for price estimates, quotes, and payment forms. Instead of complex calculations, simply filter down to a price or final value. As the user selects options from Lookup fields, it will ultimately display a final value in a text field.

Lookup fields are included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

Set field value based on another field

Select options in one or more fields, and get a final value in another field.

set field value based on another field

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Cascading dropdown with lookup fields

See an example of lookup fields in action. Import vehicles, and setup a year-make-model form in minutes.

cascading lookup fields

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