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This plugin is awesome! Adding conditional fields helped the professional look of the form and broadened the customization options for the user.

Jo Graham

Sends a beautiful, clear HTML email at the end of the process to site owners. Requests have tripled since replacing the old (Contact Form 7 ) with the user-friendly Formidable one.

Gwyn Fisher

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Formidable Forms have automated email templates for WordPress?

Formidable Forms has an easy-to-use email builder that helps you create your own automated email templates fast. ✅ You can make and save custom confirmation email templates, autoresponder messages, and more, right in WordPress.

Just fill in the To, From, CC, BCC, Subject Line, and Message fields, set up the trigger to send the email, and you’re done!

Can I use conditional logic to send automated emails in WordPress?

You can! ✅ If there are a few different typical responses you’d like to send out based on certain criteria, you can use conditional logic to send the right email to the right person at the right time.

For example, if a user submits a form giving positive feedback, you may want to send them a thank you message. On the other hand, if they're sending a complaint, you may want to send a message that offers a solution or an apology.

You can also choose to hold or send emails based on specific form submissions. Conditional logic can be used for email routing too.

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How can I schedule an automatic email in WordPress?

You can quickly and easily schedule an automatic email in WordPress by using the Form Action Automation add-on in Formidable Forms. And you won’t have to write a single line of code!

From within any form, go to Settings → Actions & Notifications tab. Select the Send Email form action, then make your email template. Under SETUP AUTOMATION you’ll be able to choose your email trigger action and set the delay to wait before sending your email.

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Can I use Formidable to create an automated email newsletter?

You can use the Formidable Forms plugin to automatically send a digest email newsletter with all the latest entries from the last day, week, or month. ?️ You’ll just need to make sure you’ve installed and activated Formidable’s Visual Views and Form Action Automation add-ons.

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Do I need to use SMTP to get WordPress to automatically send emails?

You don’t have to have an SMTP plugin to send automated emails on WordPress, but using one can help avoid your emails ending up in spam or not sending at all. If you’re wondering why your automatic WordPress emails aren’t sending 🤨 or if you’d like to boost your sender and domain reputation 🚀, you might want to consider using SMTP.

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