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Formidable gives you efficiency and flexibility with your form layout without wrangling code. We've made it a snap with built-in CSS layout classes that you add with just a click.

Place multiple fields in a row and choose your form layout design with the CSS layout classes. Add these classes to individual fields or to section headings to organize large groups of fields. Create multiple column forms with ease by adding a class to a section heading, and dropping in your form fields.

Form layouts can be customized in the core Formidable plugin.

Form layout design options

form layout design

Click on a class in the Layout tab to insert it into the CSS layout classes box. You can use multiple classes by inserting a space between each class.

I have been using Formidable Pro for quite a while now. I have recommended it and used for many, many client sites for everything from basic "Contact Us" forms to data collection, to donation forms, to forms for adding custom post types, to event management and more.

Sample form layout with CSS classes

Front Layout Classes

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