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We know that not all forms need to be open indefinitely. Sometimes putting time limits on them is necessary to reduce submissions.

With our Form Scheduling feature, we've made it easier to schedule forms and limit responses. Users can choose a specific date and time to open and close a form to new submissions.

Here's an example. A user may need to sign up new students for an online course that has a deadline for submissions. If people can sign up when the deadline has passed, this becomes harder to manage and frustrating for users.

Form scheduling makes sure you never have that problem again.

The form scheduling feature is available in Formidable Forms Pro. 

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Schedule forms and limit submissions in WordPress

Thank you for such a great suite of tools. Formidable Pro is an integral part of every site I build, not just for forms, but for solutions. Your product greatly extends my capacity to satisfy the needs of my customers.

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