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Formidable Pro creates pages, posts and custom post types automatically. No code. No additional plugins. No work-arounds. All automatic.

Chris Lema

My advice? Get this plugin and empower yourself to add the functionality to your site that you’ve wanted to but never known how. I’ve built client login areas, a range of conditional sms alerts, user publishing abilities, membership areas, automatic post creations after Woocommerce purchases, a gift voucher system, inter-user messaging, feedback applications and a whole range of other apps using this plugin.


Frequently Asked Questions

What user-submitted posts can I accept through WordPress forms?

With Formidable and WordPress, submit posts from the frontend plugin user interface. Logged-in users can add postings, start image uploads, set the post ID, input text, and use an editor. With Formidable, you decide what user-generated content you need.

Formidable Forms is a premium WordPress form maker that works with any WordPress theme. Getting started with user-generated content is as easy as creating a form. Just use our form builder to make your post submission form, then publish with a shortcode or Gutenberg block.

Can I control and customize user-submitted post settings?

Worried about the kind of content users might submit? No one needs spam or irrelevant content ending up on their website. With Formidable Forms, you'll have full permission control over what gets submitted.

As an admin, you can assign whatever user roles and permissions you desire. Allow users to submit posts as private, draft status (awaiting administrator approval), or simply publish them immediately.

If you want to check everything that’s submitted or schedule it for publishing at a more convenient time, you can do all that with Formidable Forms. You create the form that accepts posts, so you define what fields and custom fields are active.

Can I use front-end editing on user-submitted posts?

Want to allows users to edit their user-submitted posts? This saves you from having to edit them yourself which can be very time consuming for both you and your users.

You can give your registered users the option to also edit their posts through the same form they used to create and submit it. This enables logged in users to have greater control over front-end publishing and post content.

Our WordPress front-end posting and editing tool open the door to many opportunities on your website.

The possibilities are endless. It all depends on what you want to create and what your business needs are.

Formidable Forms Pro is the power tool in any toolbox for your website. Our WordPress forms plugin ensures you’re fully equipped to tackle virtually any website build project you want.

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