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Not every language is written in the same direction. Some of the world's most used languages go from right-to-left. That's why we created the RTL feature.

Making sure that Formidable meets the needs of our users worldwide is very important to us. In addition to RTL language support, our forms include WPML and Polylang integrations for easy form translation no matter what language your website uses. If you need forms with RTL text online, you need Formidable.

Because Formidable allows you do define multiple styles & apply different styles to each form, you can setup RTL for forms in one language and LTR forms for another language - all on the same website!

RTL text support is included in both the Lite and Premium versions of Formidable.

How does RTL text support work?

Enabling right-to-left text support is as simple as going into the style settings, changing the alignment, and choosing "Right to left" in the dropdown.

RTL text support form feature
No additional coding required!


⚠️ Don't lose customers over text direction and language.

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The tool is very easy to use, customizable, visually-appealing and just plain simple.

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