Formidable-Pro-Plugin-certificate-of-WPML-compatibility Translate your forms into multiple languages using the Formidable-integrated WPML plugin.

Download and Set Up

  1. Purchase and install three plugins from wpml.org:
  2. Download latest version of the WPML add-on

    View the change log to see a complete list of changes made in each version.

  3. In your WordPress admin, go to "Plugins" → "Add New" and click the "Upload" link at the top of the page.
  4. Click the "Browse" button and select the zip file you just downloaded. Once the plugin is installed, click "Activate Plugin" or go to the "Plugins" page, find "Formidable WPML" and click "Activate".
  5. Now that the plugin is activated, go into the form that you would like to translate. Click on "Settings" and click the "Translate Form" button.
  6. Enter your translations and check the complete box when you are ready for that translation to be utilized by your form.
  7. Publish your form on a page and translate the page to any other languages you would like to use.

Sending Translated Emails

In order to send the email for the correct language, you'll set up multiple emails. Each of these emails will be sent conditionally, based on the language submitted.

  1. Add a hidden field to your form. Use the language code for the default value. For example, use en for English.
  2. Go to the translation page for this form. Translate 'en' to the language code for each language you are using.
  3. Add one email action for each language on your Form Actions page. Set them up however you'd like.
  4. In order to prevent every email from sending, add conditional logic to each one. The logic will look like this:


The default language always showing after setting up and saving your translation is usually related to settings in WPML. It works best if the default language in the WPML settings is the same and the default language set for the string translations.