Front-End Editing

With front-end editing, your users can update form submissions and user-submitted pages or posts from the front-end of your site. Make it easy for clients to delete and edit form submissions in a seamless and simple way.

From registration forms, membership forms, and email subscriber forms, to directory/classified listings forms, your logged-in site members can be allowed to edit it. Administrators also have powerful editing capabilities to edit entries submitted by anyone. Want users with another role to edit more than just their own submissions? Set form-specific editing permissions based upon the user role.

Create lists of entries with edit links, or automatically pull up a single entry for editing with the flexible power of a Formidable View. No other WordPress form builder plugin has this capability baked in.

Do you want a site with user-generated content? Front-end editing is a must-have.

Front-end editing is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin. User profile creation and editing requires the WordPress User Registration plugin.

Discover new possibilities

Front-end editing brings a boatload of new possibilities to your site. When users can generate content and keep it up-to-date with a Formidable form, you can do just about anything. Need some ideas?

An example of front-end editing

Not only can you edit form submissions from the front-end, but they can also be deleted.
Take a look at the example of editing a form entry in place and deleting it too.

front-end editing