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The most remarkable plug-in I have ever used. Unbelievable as to the functions you can perform, knowing next to no html, php or any other technical stuff. If you use WordPress for just about any purpose you have to take advantage of the free version its amazing by itself. The pro version makes it sing. Hats off to you for this masterful tool. Your plugin has been a dream to me and was the critical piece I was missing in building a directory.

Paul Widdershoven

I reviewed and tested dozens of WP plugins (both free and premium versions) and all fell short, because they were not flexible enough to allow customization. Formidable changed everything. After testing it extensively, I found that the more I dug into it, the more flexibility I discovered it had. And after using Formidable for about a year now, I have found that no matter what functionality I can imagine, Formidable provides a way to create it.

Richard Gordon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see a WordPress front end editor example?

Not only can you edit form submissions from the front end, but they can also be deleted.
Take a look at the example of editing a form entry in place and deleting it too.

WordPress front end editor

How does front end editing work in Formidable?

Front end editing in WordPress is simple when you use the right tools. With Formidable, just build your forms using our drag and drop form builder and publish it to any post or page!

No need to give users the ability to edit content from the WordPress dashboard. No matter what WordPress theme you use, giving users access to the back end of your site can create problems.

There's no need for a special editor plugin - all you need is data. And data is best collected using forms! Just create your form and place the shortcode anywhere - even into a page builder like Visual Composer (now known as WP Bakery).

In fact, no matter what text editor for WordPress you use, you'll be able to place a Formidable Forms shortcode. Then you can design your front end editing pages however you like!

So who can edit in the front end of your WordPress site? Anyone you want! Just adjust the settings:

Front End Edit Permissions

What can I do with front end editing?

The main function of front-end editing is to allow logged-in users to edit their data. But there are other users as well:

  • Allow administrators to edit all entries
  • Set editing permissions based on user role
  • Set up editing with a View
  • Create a clickable list of entries with a shortcode
  • Pull up a user's only entry automatically for editing

With features like these, there's no need to get a specialized content editor. Formidable Forms is your form-building plugin and your WordPress front end editor combined. Just get the pro version of Formidable and you are set.

How can I get started with WordPress front end editing?

To get started, visit our pricing page and check out the basic plan. Our plugin works with any theme and every WordPress website, so what are you waiting for? Give your users the ability to edit in real-time!

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