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Summary (Review Before Submit)

Are you looking for a form builder that allows users to review their submission? With the Formidable Summary feature, users will always submit their details correctly!

The summary feature can revolutionize the accuracy of the forms you collect. Contacting customers to correct errors is a hassle. Running an online store? These days, customers expect a summary page.

It's not just eCommerce forms that can benefit from a summary page. Any multi-paged form will be improved if users can preview their entry before they submit it. Want to increase form conversions & reduce back-and-forth? Empower users to review entries before submitting them with form summaries.

The summary feature is included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

What is a form summary?

The summary feature (also referred to as review before submit) is a Formidable feature that allows your users to preview their data before submitting it.

This feature makes multi-paged forms even more powerful. Other WordPress form builders require additional coding to add a summary page. With Formidable, it's a built-in feature.

Summary field demo

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How the summary feature works

A summary page lets your users review their info and go back to make changes if needed. This is a powerful feature for almost any business or purpose, including:

Empower your audience

If you rely on multi-paged forms on your website, a summary page is a must. With a form that progresses step-by-step (also known as a step-form), you can benefit from increased conversions. By dividing your form into chunks, and giving users the power to review their data, you can collect information with confidence.

Learn more: Read our preview before submit blog post

Don't waste time following up on incorrect form submissions. With the summary feature, you'll take control of your multi-page forms. Get Formidable today and empower your customers to supply accurate data every time!

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