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Want to create a form in WordPress with images instead of radio buttons or checkboxes? With the right WordPress form builder, you can do that! Formidable Forms gives you the power to make your forms look amazing. With WordPress radio button images, your forms will be more engaging than ever before.

If you want to replace radio buttons with images, you need Formidable Forms. Our plugin will give you the power to create polls that keep audiences coming back for more. In fact, Formidable Forms can compete with any WordPress poll plugin on the market. Build polls, create surveys, and ANY form you can imagine!

Checkbox with Image in WordPress poll form

The radio button image add-on is included in all Formidable Forms premium subscriptions.

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Your forms don't need to be boring. Give your forms a visual edge over the competition.

See how WordPress radio buttons images & checkbox images in forms look below:

Radio images demo

Not sure how to use radio button images? Check out our Emoji Rating Scale Tutorial!

Formidable is the whole reason I went with WordPress for this site with interactive forms and I love it so far. You guys are making me look so good and what I thought impossible for me to do a couple of months ago is in fact possible.

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