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After putting a lot of work into building forms and getting people to fill them in, are you wondering what's next?

Visually stunning graphs and charts will help easily communicate complex data trends, comparisons, and relationships in your form data.

Why use graphs in WordPress?

Displaying graphs and charts on your website isn't just a great way to make use of data. It's eye catching, memorable and more likely to be shared. That means it could even boost conversions!

Graphs can display information in a way that's much easier to digest, more interesting to look at and therefore much more valuable for your website than plain text.

Graphs and charts can easily communicate complex data trends, comparisons and relationships in your form data.

With Formidable Forms, you can create graphs in WordPress with ease.

Our WordPress form builder plugin lets you create reports and graphs from your form entries. We offer a seamless way to use the data you collect or import to create beautiful graphs and charts.

There’s no need to download a new chart plugin or sign up to another service to create your graphs. You don’t even need design experience, our graphs for WordPress are designed to be easy to build.

Soon enough, you'll be displaying chart data on any WordPress post, page, View or widget of your choice.

Graphs and charts are included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

What type of graphs and charts can I build for WordPress?

Here is a list of different graph and chart types you can use in Formidable:

  • Histograms, column and horizontal bar graphs and Histograms. Easily compare values between multiple form fields.
  • Pie charts and donut graphs. View grouped responses in a single form field to see trends.
  • Line graphs, area charts, and stepped area charts. Track changes over time, and compare changes across multiple data sets.
  • Scatter graphs. Look for correlations between sets of data.
  • Geo heat-maps. Show a world map with commonly selected countries highlighted.

Create a Graph and Chart Form Data
These are just some of the possibilities you can achieve with graphs and charts. The possibilities are endless with the graphing customization options.

I LOVE that you can use forms to create content. Awesome, awesome work! Formidable Pro has totally changed the way I think about how to use WordPress. For the first time ever I can see being able to use WordPress as database.

Online graph examples for WordPress reports

Wondering what you could use a graph maker for? Our graph maker has a range of applications.

Work with a healthcare or physical fitness site? Plot a client’s weight or blood pressure over time through a graph.

Sending out surveys? Use group responses to a survey in a graph. This way you can see results at a glance, and look for patterns in the data or compare sales each month.

The Formidable form builder and graphs are extremely versatile and customizable compared to other WordPress survey plugins.

Formidable graphs can easily display live data on your WordPress site too. This means that your graphs and charts will refresh whenever new entries are added or updated.

No need to manually update your graphs whenever there’s a change. Formidable takes care of that all behind the scenes.

Not sure if the graph you need is an option? Just ask.

Don't waste time downloading a charts and graphs plugin when Formidable Forms can do it all. Create charts with form data the simple way.

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