Social Media Photo Release Form Template

Gather essential permissions and details from individuals granting consent for the use of their photos on social media platforms.

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What's in the Social Media Photo Release Form Template Demo?

Social Media Photo Release Form Demo

Ever wondered how you can protect both parties during a photo shoot for social media? Our social media photo release form template is your answer. It captures the client's personal information, the terms and conditions, and the signing date, freeing your end from any legal liability.

How Can You Create a Photo Release Form?

Creating a social media photo release form is a breeze with Formidable Forms user-friendly form builder. You don't need a whiz-bang of coding to design your own. Just drag-and-drop elements you want into your form—it's as simple as that.

With Formidable Forms release form template, you can also optimize to your heart's content, adding or removing fields to create the form that meets your specific needs.

What Goes into a Social Media Photo Release Form?

A comprehensive social media photo release form captures personal details—name, age, address, and contact info—of the individual being photographed.

Take it up a notch by including a checklist of social media platforms for the subject of your photo shoot. They can tick off where they’re comfortable having their photos shared. And while you're at it, why not choose whether to reveal their name or keep it under wraps?

Don’t forget the linchpin: a clickwrap agreement section where they consent to your terms and conditions.

Purpose of the Social Media Photo Release Form Template

Our social media photo release form template helps you guard against legal issues during and after the photoshoot. It's a straightforward way to gather necessary information about the person you're photographing and the platforms where you may share their images. It even caters to specifics regarding the person's name disclosure.

Plus, it’s no trouble at all to have your client agree to your terms and conditions. It's tagged right within the form.

Start your journey with Formidable Forms today and make your own tailor-fit social media photo release form template. Boasting hundreds of pre-made form templates, including our photo release form template, Formidable Forms is committed to providing you with a full suite of form-building solutions.

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