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Order/Billing Form Template

Start collecting orders fast in this simple order form. This order form template is complete with a PayPal form action to save you setup time.

If you would prefer to collect credit card payments with Stripe, just remove the PayPal form action and add a credit card field and Stripe action.

This template is included with the Business plan.

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What's in the Order/Billing Form Template?

The most remarkable plug-in I have ever used.
Unbelievable as to the functions you can perform, knowing next to no html, php or any other technical stuff.

I you use WordPress for just about any purpose you have to take advantage of the free version its amazing by itself. The pro version makes it sing.

Hats off to you for this masterful tool.

Your plugin has been a dream to me and was the critical piece I was missing in building a directory.

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