Student Interest Survey Template

Looking for a student interest survey template? With a Formidable Forms survey template, your students can become more engaged than ever before! Get started by trying our student interest survey demo below.

If you want to know more about your students, this template will get you started quickly. Formidable Forms is the best survey plugin out there. You can also survey parents, school staff, or anybody you want!

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What's in the Student Interest Survey Template Demo?

Student Interest Survey Demo

Student interest survey template for WordPress

Interested in using this template? If you have a WordPress website, you need Formidable Forms. Our form builder plugin can do much more than survey your classroom. It can help you take control of the entire school!

If you are keen to give your students a voice, you should ask them for their thoughts. This student interest survey template is made for students in elementary school in at least fourth grade.

Using this format, this school questionnaire can be edited to work well for teachers in charge of any grade level, in middle school, high school, and beyond.

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Our template isn't focused around any one particular subject. That doesn't mean you can't use Formidable to make a student interest survey for math, reading, science, social studies, or even personal interest.

That's the real beauty of Formidable. It allows users to edit their forms however they like - and do so with ease. Our drag and drop form builder makes creating surveys a breeze!

Student interest survey template
Your classroom will be a happier place with our student interest survey!

With a computer lab, a web browser, and Formidable Forms, your entire class or school can complete a survey as quickly as they can read it. And by the way, Formidable can also be used for online quizzes and tests!

Why waste time and paper? Formidable can help elevate your learning environment no matter what student learning style you prefer.

How can you use a student interest survey?

It's hard to imagine how one day of school could impact the rest of the school year. But a student interest survey is really that powerful.

Conducting the survey is as simple as getting all your students in the same room. If you don't have a computer lab, share computers or tablets. And actually, you could even send your students (or parents) a link to fill out the survey at home.

When assessing student engagement, you can ask a series of open-ended questions or spice it up with some multiple-choice questions. But you aren't limited to those two options. Formidable Forms has dozens of field types that can be combined in a variety of ways.

And while you are asking students about their interests, you could go beyond education too. Ask them about their activity interests or their volunteer interests. A survey could be used to plan school outings, field trips, or any type of educational excursion.

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Student surveys can help you gauge student interest, plus take your entire facility to new heights. You want your students to ask questions. So why don't you start doing the same with a survey?

Not sure what to ask? Take a look at our student survey question examples for a few ideas.

Formidable Forms is a complete form building solution. That means surveys are just one of many types of forms it can help you build.

To start using our education templates, sign up for Formidable Forms. You’ll be able to choose from our templates when you create a new form.

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