Multiple File Upload Forms

Quickly drag and drop or click to upload files into forms. The uploaded files are then stored in your WordPress Media Library where you can browse, filter, view, and delete uploads. Plus, keep your media library clean with the option to delete attached files when an entry is replaced or deleted.

Your file upload forms allow every file type supported by your WordPress installation. Limit the maximum file size and the types of files allowed in each upload field. The files uploaded in your form also can be protected from outside access.

Power up your WordPress site with user-generated content. Think images, featured images, and video. Streamline workflow, reservation, or application processes by accepting resumes, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets. Multiple image upload is crucial to create happy clients with a better user experience. Formidable also gives you the power to display the uploaded files in posts, directories, and listings.

Multiple file upload forms are included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

File upload form options

multiple image upload in a file upload form

Limit file sizes, allowed file types, automatically resize files before upload, protect uploaded files, and even hide the field from user roles who do not have uploading privileges.

Professional drag & drop upload forms

Finally, a drag and drop file upload form that looks beautiful on every screen size.

Drag and drop file upload form

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