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WCAG Accessible Forms + A11Y Compliance

Are your WordPress forms really accessible to everyone?

Your website might look and function well, but beneath the surface lurks a potential problem.

Your forms might need more work than you think. Just because they look good for you, does not mean they do to everyone else. If you want your website and online forms to apply to everyone, you are going to need to cater for everyone.

If accessibility for your website hasn't crossed your mind before, you wouldn't be alone.

It's a really easy mistake to make when you've got hundreds of other things to think about while building a business and website. However, if you don't consider it at all, your visitors could be missing out on everything else your website has to offer. That means you miss out on their business and attention too.

WCAG accessible forms are included in the core Formidable Forms plugin.

What makes an accessible form?

This product has saved me hours of programming and it was well worth the cost.

What is web accessibility?

It's making sure that websites and online tools are designed in a way that people with disabilities can use. It covers a range of things like cognitive, physical, speech, auditory and visual elements.

However, it doesn't just apply to those with disabilities. Accessibility can also apply to:

  • Elderly people
  • Those using different devices with smaller screens
  • Those with situational limitations e.g. being in an environment where they can't play audio
  • Having a slow or expensive Internet connection e.g. in rural places or developing countries

There are lots of people who could feel alienated by a website that isn't accessible.

That's why we have Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in place to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunities. WCAG is a set of guidelines that applies to anyone involved in online content, tools or web design. They cover a range of different requirements such as HTML, visual and audio elements to make it more user-friendly for everyone.

Making your website and online forms accessible to all, isn't just common courtesy. It also makes great business sense. What do you think happens when someone comes to your website and struggles to use your forms? They go elsewhere, to another website that does cater to them.

Can you really afford to watch potential customers slip through the cracks, when the solution is so simple?

WCAG accessible forms

How to build WCAG accessible forms?

With Formidable Forms, we've made it simple to make your forms accessible. All our forms are built with WCAG accessibility in mind, because we believe that online forms should be open to all. The last thing we want is for someone to see one of our forms and feel like they're not catered to.

When using Formidable forms, you won't need to download any additional add-ons, plugins or assistive technologies to meet the current standards. It's all built right in.

Our forms are easy for screen readers to read, and work well with speech input compatibility. We use text alternatives for non-text content so screen reader users don't miss important information. Every element on your front-end form is linked to a label and description to make it easier for screen readers to see how your form is organized.

Ultimately, it's your responsibility as a business to ensure that your website is built for everyone, not just a select few. But with Formidable Forms, you don't have to do it alone because we believe in the importance of supporting those who need it.

So, don't alienate potential customers. Build only fully WCAG accessible WordPress forms.

The power of the Web is in its universality.
Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

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