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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web accessibility?

Your websites and online tools must be designed with disabled individuals in mind. An accessible website considers all kinds of differently-abled people. This includes people with cognitive, physical, speech, auditory and visual impairments.

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Are your forms WCAG compliant?

The principles of accessibility also apply to:

    • Websites visited by elderly people
    • Mobile responsiveness & devices with smaller screens
    • Website visitors with slower Internet connection speeds

There are lots of people who could feel alienated by a website that isn't accessible.

That's why we have Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in place to ensure that every visitor can access a Formidable Forms website.

WCAG is a set of guidelines that applies to anyone involved in online content, tools or web design. They cover a range of different requirements such as HTML, visual and audio elements to make it more user-friendly for everyone.

Making your website and online forms accessible to all isn't just common courtesy. It also makes great business sense. The most people your website caters to, the better!

How do WCAG accessible forms work?

When using Formidable forms, you won't need to download any extra add-ons or plugins.

Formidable is WCAG accessible right out of the box. Our forms always:

✔ Function easily with screen readers
✔ Have speech input compatibility
✔ Use text alternatives for non-text content
✔ Ensure front-end forms are linked to a label & description

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