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Are you looking for a way to transfer or import form data to a new place or use the same data in multiple places?

Perhaps you want to copy something over to a new page or even a new website. As your business and website grows, it's inevitable that you'll need to expand and make use of existing data elsewhere. Maybe you just want to export data to a spreadsheet for other uses.

But how do you do this?

If the thought of manually copying everything over strikes you with fear, you certainly wouldn't be alone. No one wants to handle mass data importing or exporting.

Not only is this a huge hassle and time consuming, it’s also ripe for errors. When it comes to manual data input, even the most careful of handlers can make mistakes or typos. If it's something like a blog post, this can easily be fixed. But when it comes to forms, entries or Views, it's another story.

You could end up with a form that doesn’t function correctly. When something goes wrong with your forms, this could mean huge problems for your business. People might not be able to complete forms or even be able to view them at all. Your conversion rates can plummet and with it, your sales.

Can you afford to let this happen?

Luckily, there is a really simple solution and alternative to manual data importing and exporting. If you need to move or copy data over to another page or website, you can use our Import/Export feature.

CSV export, form import and export functions are included in the core Formidable Forms plugin. CSV import and View import and export are only available in the Pro version.

import & export forms

Easily move your forms and data to another site, or duplicate your forms on a new site using our simple import & export functions.

Formidable has allowed me to go paperless and make it easier for new clients to send me their project details. I used to have to print out my form, have them fill it in, then mail or scan and email it back to me. Now, I simply send them to this form on my website.

What importing and exporting can do for you

Formidable Forms comes with all the import and export functions you would expect from a world class form builder plugin.

You can easily import or export web forms to other WordPress pages or websites.

Not only that, but you can also do the same with entries, styles and even Formidable Views.

You can very easily import forms, entries and Views by clicking on 'Formidable' in your WordPress dashboard and then 'Import/Export'. Here, you can import entries from a CSV file or export form data to a CSV file to use in Excel or another service.

We've also developed a dedicated plugin for Gravity Forms users to help them make the switch to Formidable. Our Gravity Forms Importer can help you migrate all your data into Formidable with just a few clicks!

So, don't waste time starting from scratch and trying to do it all yourself. You can import all the data you need with just a few simple clicks. Your entire website setup can be moved to a completely different website and domain – free of error and hassle.

Can you imagine all the work you would have to do if you couldn't simply import or export this data? So much time could be wasted, when it could be better spent elsewhere on your business.

There is simply no need to do this all yourself. Don't settle for a WordPress form builder plugin that doesn't let you import or export form data. Formidable Forms has all this, and more, covered so you don't have to worry.

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