Import & Export Entries, Forms, and Views

Formidable Forms comes with all the import & export functions you'd expect from a world class plugin. Not only can you import & export forms, but also entries, styles and views. So your whole setup can be moved to a different website if needed.

Easily import forms, entries, and Views from the 'Formidable' -> 'Import/Export' page. Import form entries from a CSV, export form data to a CSV for use in Excel or another service, and even bulk update entries.

Never start with a WordPress form builder plugin that cannot export and import to another WordPress site. You don't have time to waste by starting from scratch.

CSV export, and form import & export is included in the core Formidable Forms plugin. CSV import, and view import & export is only available in the Pro version.

import & export formsEasily move your forms and data to another site, or duplicate your forms on a new site using the simple import & export functions.
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