Import & Export Entries, Forms, and Views

Formidable Forms comes with all the import and export functions you would expect from a world-class form builder plugin.

Not only can you import and export online forms, you can do the same with entries, styles and Formidable Forms Views.

Easily import forms, entries and Views by clicking on Formidable > Import/Export page in your admin panel. You can import entries from a CSV file or export form data to CSV for use in Excel or another service. You can even bulk update entries to save time.

Don’t waste time starting from scratch when you can simply import all the data you need with just a few clicks. Your whole setup can be moved to a completely different website with this Formidable Forms feature.

There’s no need to use a WordPress form builder that’s not equipped with these import and export functions. Formidable has all this (and more) covered.

CSV export, form import and export functions are included in the core Formidable Forms plugin. CSV import and View import and export are only available in the Pro version.

import & export formsEasily move your forms and data to another site, or duplicate your forms on a new site using our simple import & export functions.