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I was able to achieve a specific goal for one of the websites with $500 in software and three months of development where the two years before my arrival, $40,000 had been spent on software and hardware with zero results. I was able to meet all requirements of the job application, including applicant signatures!

Christopher Petzel

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Why use a WordPress form builder with signatures?

Sure, you could get a stand-alone plugin for WordPress to allow users to sign contracts. But those come with limitations. Not only are they limited in how many forms per month can be signed, but they are also limited in features.

Formidable Forms solves both of these limitations and gives business owners ultimate freedom too. With Formidable, you can sign unlimited documents with no limits. What’s more, Formidable allows you to create all your forms digitally. From contact forms to signup forms - and everything in between.

Publishing your WordPress signature form is easy too. Just place your form shortcode tags wherever you want the form to appear. You can place your forms in any WordPress post or page. And they will display properly on mobile devices too!

Not only that, but Formidable Forms is loaded with features that make your forms even more powerful. You can allow users to upload an image, send users email notifications automatically, and connect your forms to your CRM software (like Hubspot or Salesforce).

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your digital signatures plus more with Formidable Forms. Get started with our 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee. If you don’t love our plugin, we’ll give you all your money back.

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Save and Continue Form Submissions

Any user can save a form and resume later and auto-save drafts in multi-page forms.

Stripe Payments for WordPress

Any Formidable forms on your site can accept credit card payments without users ever leaving your site.

Simple Entry Management

Update, search for and delete form submissions directly from your Wordpress dashboard.