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Do you need intricate control of the form HTML code? Or think you may need to customize form markup down the road? We have you covered.

This allows you to build forms that are exactly what you imagined. There's no compromise on functionality, since you can design every tiny detail according to your needs. You're not bound by the same features as every other WordPress form builder out there.

With Formidable Forms, you can go further and work on bigger projects than you previously thought were possible. We strive to offer maximum flexibility without sacrificing simplicity.

Customizable Form HTML is included in the core Formidable plugin.

Why use customizable form HTML?

If you want more from your form builder, you're not alone. While our drag and drop form builder and pre-built form templates are perfect for quickly building great forms, that's not all. You can have both the simplicity of a drag and drop form builder without the typical limits.

If you have specific needs for your web forms, then customizable form HTML is the way forward. Using customizable code means that the sky's the limit. There's little you can't do with this amount of flexibility.

How does the Formidable Forms customizable form HTML work?

With Formidable Forms it's easier than ever to add extra HTML or inline CSS when creating forms.

Want to move field descriptions? No problem. Hide option labels, add input attributes and whatever else you'd like. Alter the HTML for your form submit button or the form title or description however you wish. Customize your contact forms however you would like.

All of this is easy to set up and start using with our clear and simple form builder interface.

Want to add an id or class to any specific label or field? Easy to do. Add some tag to the error message that may appear above/next to/under the field? Go ahead. You’re not bound to the default markup and you can simplify or complicate your code as much as you like. As a front-end developer, this is definitely my favorite feature of this plugin.

What HTML code can I customize in my web forms?

Wondering when you could benefit from customizable HTML in your forms? Here are some examples of scenarios where you could benefit from custom code:

These are just some options you can achieve with customizable form HTML. There are many more uses. All you need is a bit of imagination and our custom form HTML plugin to make it a reality.

Get started with the most flexible WordPress form builder plugin for custom HTML forms. Get ultimate HTML source control when you need it.

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