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Want to add an id or class to any specific label or field? Easy to do. Add some tag to the error message that may appear above/next to/under the field? Go ahead. You’re not bound to the default markup and you can simplify or complicate your code as much as you like. As a front-end developer, this is definitely my favorite feature of this plugin.

Jean Galea WP Mayor

I've used pretty much all of the most well-known form builder plugins, and Formidable has features that all the others just don't have. ... The ability to customize the HTML that gets output on the page. This one in particular is awesome.


Frequently Asked Questions

What HTML code can I customize in my web forms?

Wondering when you could benefit from customizable HTML in your forms? Here are some examples of scenarios where you could benefit from custom code:

  • Move the position of field descriptions
  • Edit radio or checkbox options - for example, you can add in images between each option
  • Hide option labels in radio fields
  • Add labels to a grid layout - this is perfect when designing survey forms
  • Add a currency sign in front of or after a form field
  • Turn off browser auto-completion for a specific field - for example, when confirming and asking users to retype passwords
  • Add a class or other attributes needed to integrate with a third-party script

These are just some options you can achieve with customizable form HTML. There are many more uses. All you need is a bit of imagination and our custom form HTML plugin to make it a reality.

Get started with the most flexible WordPress form builder plugin for custom HTML forms. Get ultimate HTML source control when you need it.

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