Customize Form HTML

Do you need intricate control of the form HTML code? Or think you may need to customize form markup down the road? We have you covered.

Formidable gives you control of the HTML output, right down to the HTML of each individual field. Add custom HTML or inline CSS, move the field description, hide the option label, add input attributes, and more. Alter the HTML for the submit button, form title and description however you would like to customize contact forms.

Get started with the WordPress form builder plugin that includes ultimate HTML source control whenever you need it.

Customizable Form HTML is included in the core Formidable plugin.

What HTML code can I customize in my form?

  • Move the position of the field description
  • Edit radio and checkbox options - Add images between options
  • Hide option labels
  • Add labels to a grid layout - Perfect for survey forms
  • Add a currency sign in front of or after a field
  • Turn off browser autocompletion for a specific field
  • Add a class or other attributes needed to integrate with a third-party script

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