Confirm Email Address and Password Fields

Have you ever received a message from your WordPress contact form and been unable to reply? A simple typo in the email address can cause huge headaches. But Formidable's built-in confirmation fields can minimize this issue for you. Make every lead count and don't lose a single one.

Require a user to retype the information they enter in an email address or password field. Include your confirmation field on the same line or below the field to achieve the layout you would like. In two clicks, you will have more accurate information and save time for you and your users.

Fields to retype password and confirm email address are included in the core Formidable Pro plugin.

Retype Password Field

A field to confirm an email address or password is easy to add. This displays an error message if the fields do not match.Retype password to confirm password. Also confirm email address.

Try out an email confirmation form

See how they work by entering two email addresses that don't match.

Front Confirmation fields
Enter Email
Confirm Email

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