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Frequently Asked Questions

How do email confirmation fields work?

Making your form users confirm email addresses and passwords means they'll be required to retype this information into email address or password fields.

If the two fields don't have matching information, this will flag up an error message. This prompts the visitor to try again to ensure that the field is typed in correctly.

Worried about disrupting the user experience of your forms?

While this might be a minor inconvenience for people speedily filling in your forms, it'll save everyone time in the long run. It's such a commonplace solution nowadays that you're unlikely to deter any customer filling in your forms if you do include an extra step.

Can I try out an email confirmation form?

See how they work by entering two email addresses that don't match.

Front Confirmation fields
Enter Email
Confirm Email

How can I confirm email address fields with Formidable Forms?

Adding an email address field to confirm contact details or password is easy with Formidable Forms.

Within just two clicks, you ensure that you'll receive more accurate information. Getting the details right the first time will save a lot of time and frustration for you and your visitors.

With Formidable Forms' email address confirmation, you can style the form however you wish. You can get users to confirm the field on the same line or below the field, to achieve the exact layout you would like to see.

Don't miss out on leads when there's such a simple solution right at your fingertips. Add a confirm email address field to your forms and solve those missing leads for good.

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