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Create a registration form with reservation and limited time slots.


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Is it possible to do below with formidable pro plugin.

I need to create a registration page  (name, email etc..) and also i need the user to select a date and a time slot

but i want to be able to limit how many users can register for a time slot.

Basically its a 4 day event with a time slot every 30 minutes. So a user selects a date, then user sees available time slots, if time slot is booked (30 users booked)  it will be greyed out.

Dates doesn't have to be a calendar picker it can be a drop down with dates and drop down with time slots.




Yep, this can be done. First, check the box to make the time field unique. By default, it will allow each time to be selected once for each date. Then you'll need a bit of undocumented code to allow 30 for each time instead of 1.

add_filter('frm_allowed_time_count', 'allow_30_registrations', 10, 2 );
function allow_30_registrations( $times_selected, $time_key ) {
  if ( $time_key == 'field_key_here' ) { // change field_key_here to the key of your time field
    $times_selected = 30;
  return $times_selected;

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