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Validation query by a newbie...


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I am a new user. I would need your help in doing this. For example if I have two text fields for example with ids 10 and 11. If the form's user enters values in these fields, I would like to make sure that the values entered in fields 10 and 11 should add up to 100. The total is shown in a read only field with id 12.. If the value of the field 12 is not 100, I would like an error to pop us..This is the kind of validation I would like help with.. This error should ask the user to correct the entries made if field 10 and field 11.

You can use the example here to do this:

Add the code to your theme functions.php or a new plugin. You will need to make some changes to the line that contains in_array. Replace that line with something like: if ($posted_value < 100).

Thank you.. I had tried this but it was not working previously.. But now works.. I think I put a space somewhere.. Thank you for the prompt help.. Much appreciated..

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