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Formidable Registration Buddypress Integration


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I just wanted to mention how important that I feel it is for Formidable to keep breaking new ground towards total integration with the WordPress family of software, specifically Buddypress/bbPress. I know there has been a lot of discussion here about this issue, and I wanted to say that I find alot of things not quite right about Buddypress user sign ups, and frankly, I think that Formidable Registration might be able to do it better.

I never get notified of new user sign ups with Buddypress, and I also think that even though WordPress registration is seriously significant, and that with Formidable one can almost build an entire social media website without Buddypress, there is certainly an inherent amount of great aspects of Buddypress. If Formidable Registration would just go the distance of integrating with Buddypress, a lot of us could really start to do some awesome things to get users into our sites, and really have strong community sites.

I will also mention that there are a bunch of social media login plugins that give users the ability to instantly join Buddypress sites from their Facebook logins (or whatever), and these work great, but I want to be able to do something with the information that people provide for creating Buddypress accounts, and that is what Formidable could offer: the ability to integrate that database connection and data provided at signup, and frankly, I don't really see how to use the info from the custom fields in the Buddypress user tables without deploying a developer to make custom queries. I can imagine if it was a Formidable form that wrote that data both to the Formidable tables, and also to the Buddypress user tables, than we could do great things with that signup data, like group users by state, or categorize users by interests, etc...

Thanks for listening, and as always I can't say enough about how this product (and its continued development) gives designers the ability to really be pseudo developers on WordPress. Amazing, thank you all!

59 votes

I agree with Dan and vote for this functionality.

I think Formidible is a great piece of software that I have used often for myself and my clients. But - working on a Buddypress based site, needing to update -  or even create the Xprofile data is imperitive to using formidible. Sometimes we have different registration systems, so requiring user registration to use that add-on just doesn't solve my needs. I'm sorry to say I have to move to Gravity. Please get this fixed so I can come back to the Formidible fold.

Any plans for Buddypress Formidable Integration?

Yes, we plan to add it, but we don't have it scheduled into our immediate timeline since we are currently working on higher-priority features. We'll keep this topic updated with any news.

I cannot get across in words how much easier this would make my life having Formidablepro registration go into Buddypress… Please add this to your priority list, please please please :)

Missing that feature too. Hope it will be added soon.

Would love to see this also. Client has asked to move to Gravity for this reason. Any updates on it making it into the pipeline?

+1 here as well !!!

Adding my vote as well!

I’m working on a BuddyPress project, and I hoped I could use Formidable to build a custom registration form ... except that Formidable would need to save to the wp_bp_xprofile_fields table.

I would love this, too, plus either built in social login API or a recommendation with instructions how to use a third party tool. This is slowly becoming expected, and it looks bad if a form does not offer the quick sign on...


After spending some time with BuddyPress, here are some reasons for leaving the registration process to BP:

In most cases, you want your subscription process to be simple and quick, otherwise you lose people on the login form. If you have extensive BuddyPress field groups to fill out (which was my case), it's probably better to have users filling them after registration, via the normal BuddyPress edit user profile interface.
The BuddyPress UI allows people to enter visibility settings for their fields – this is something that would add quite a bit of complexity, if it had to be handled via Formidable.

On the other hand, if you have a compelling reason to use Formidable, and are ready to write a custom function, you can use xprofile_set_field_data() to map the formidable fields to BuddyPress.


Registration Form buddypress +1


+1 to this.

I always default to Formidable as my form builder for clients. But I work a lot with BuddyPress and have to refer clients to Gravity Forms when they need forms for BuddyPress sites. It is the only area that Formidable doesn't cover, everything else about Formidable is superior to Gravity Forms except that one piece. Sadly though, I find that in the Enterprise and Business markets that registration often needs complex forms and when BuddyPress is in play we have to use GF for it.

i second that prometheus +1

So would this be better user meta mapping options or something else?

Hi Luke! I met you on Saturday at WordCamp - thanks for the presentation. Are you looking for a way to map form fields to user meta? If so, you can do this with the registration add-on. If you would like to create a separate ticket, I would be happy to provide more information about this and answer any other questions that you may have.



Gravity Forms' User Registration Add-on does this great out of the box.

It's simply mapping form fields to BP xprofile fields, the same way form fields can currently be associated to user meta.


+1 for intergration to "User Registration Add-on"



2.5 years later and this is still an issue that needs to be addressed.


Agreed - when is this going to get priority?


It's not going to make it into the registration 2.0 release, unfortunately. It is something we want to add, but our time and resources are limited. Hopefully it will make it into a point release this year, but I can't give any guarantees.




+1 integration registration form with buddy press


Must have buddypress integration - can't use it otherwise +1


Ticket closed.