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Editing Multiple Form Entries - Bulk Edit


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Is there a way, other than by SQL to edit multiple form entries at one time?
Using a filter I am able to create a list of entries and select individual form entries/posts  to etc. But if would be VERY helpful to be able to make a form that showed all entries of a single Field ID that matched criteria so you could edit them.
Also a global search replace on a field would be great (not too hard with SQL I know).
For example to switch all Open bugs to Closed 🙂
I'm thinking that this is unlikely to be possible right now, but any chance it will be included in the future.
Thanks again.

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Is your form creating WordPress posts? If so, it will work to bulk edit through the WordPress posts page and all changes will be seen in Formidable as well since the data is not duplicated.

If you are not creating posts, then this isn't yet an option but is definitely in the plans.

Hi Stephanie
No it's not creating any posts.To be honest that's the last thing we will do lol :-)
Feel free to take a look at our beta test site to see what it does.
We have about 400 folks testing it right now.
The plan is to have the site supporting ~400,000 users as our current site does.

You will have to create an account to see it fully in action.
You may want to use it as a reference site if you like.

I'm surprised this is not a most voted feature. It's really, really needed and I can hardly think of a database management case that doesn't apply.

Hi Stephanie,

Is this still on the cards?
I have added a new field to one of my more complex forms that I need to populate 250 entries out of about 7,000 need to have a radio button toggled or a text field to say yes
I can go through manually or I need to export, as CSV delete the entries and then import (Yawn)

Any Suggestions I can quite short-codes and SQL

Yes, this is still planned, but I'm not sure when. You can put together some custom code to do this. Here's the database schema.

Hi Stephanie,
As its the new year and my colleague who has to edit all our data is understandably on my case about this :-)
I thought to ask you where this is in the queue.  FYI we would save about 20 mins a day with this feature.
I have a couple of options, Pay my developer to create the custom code to do this just for me, and run the risk that any future changes in your code may break it. Or if your willing make a payment/donation to you to bump this up the dev queue.
Please let me know. My preference is to have you look at it.

Many thanks


This will be quite a while since it will now wait until we switch out the frm_entries table for a custom post type.

So will moving to a custom post type make a significant impact to the way formidable pro handles sites like mine that have a large number of form items in our case 6,800 entries for our packages?
Given that I have a number of snippets of custom code any change in data layout will effect the operation of our site.

I'm guessing also that if I write bulk edit code now, it will no longer work if I upgrade to your new custom post type, as the db schema will change.

Can you give me an idea of the rough timescale to this change.

Many thanks


We don't have a time frame, but we will definitely be looking for ways to keep it reverse compatible for custom code using the current hooks.

Stephanie and Colin, wouldn't it be possible to mimic, for the Form Entries page, the standard WP "Bulk edit" capability available on All Posts and All Pages? (See first two images attached) This would be very helpful for me too - to be able to select a bunch of entries and set a toggle for all of them at once (in this example, Yes/No radio buttons in the "Selected for show" column in the third image).


@karen, this will work as you illustrate after entries are switched to a custom post type down the road.

Thanks, Stephanie, I'm looking forward to that. Switching to a custom post type must be a big job - very meta.


I found a solution that is almost as good as bulk edit, when there are specific fields you want to change to given values. (In my case, a Yes/No) It might work for what you want to do.

I made a custom display which used the frm-entry-update-field shortcode to generate links to update the fields of interest.

My shortcode looked like this: [ frm-entry-update-field id=[id] field_id=140 value="Yes" label="Mark as selected?" message="SELECTED!"]


Many thanks for the tip, that was very helpful!! :-)
I used your idea to set a new data field for over 600 records in a little over 1 hour.

I'm going to see if I can also hack it to set a date field to today's date.

Thanks again.



Glad it helped! Thanks for letting me know.


At this point in time, are formidable entries considered a custom post type as mentioned above?

Switching to a custom post type is still a long way out, and I'm not entirely sure it will be possible with all the dependencies. We'd love to switch it, but we'll have to see.

Editing Multiple Form Entries – Bulk Edit - Bulk Approval are important features, I think.

Please kindly ask them to FP as soon as possible.

Many thanks.

I need this function!!!!

+1 for bulk editing, would be an awesome feature!'

Thanks a lot!

Why not export all the entries, delete all the entries in the form, update all the entries with Excel, then import all of your entries back in?

That's the easiest way to bulk update right now. But you don't need to delete all the entries since they can be updated with the CSV import.

Yes this is a much needed function

Hi People! I think that Formidable and Pro both say: "it should be there".

+ Bulk edit rocks, but should not be missing in FP.

+1 for me. Definitely need to do bulk edit so we can trigger emails to go out on Update without changing any data.

Do you have an ETA on this? Do you have some hooks that we could start with for this. We can code it and share if so.


This is in our plans, but not for an immediate release. You would need to look into this on your own if you'd like to built it out now. Can you please open your own ticket with any further questions? Thanks!

We also need this feature. I'm surprised it isn't already possible. Looks like it has been needed for a very long time.

I've been doing the export entries/edit/re-import dance, but it's tedious and frustrating. I also wish that there was an option for importing data that would not overwrite fields that are empty or not represented on the csv as blank. That way, I could just upload spreadsheets with only the new/different fields, without it deleting everything in the existing fields. So far, this has been my greatest frustration with what is otherwise a very nice plugin.

+1. I would like to be able to see all my entries  (filtered or not) in a table view and then just edit field values as I go down the list and hit a giant submit button at the end!

+1 This feature is so badly needed!

+1 Please!  Would be a HUGE help

Maybe a paid-for extension?

It would be especially useful for quotation forms where raw material costs need to be updated for example.

How many times do we get asked to convert Excel files using macros to Forms?

Interior design, print industry, bespoke manufacturing etc all start their quotations based on lists of raw materials which then get used in form calculations.  Being ableto edit form results en-masse in a spreadsheet style environment would be a huge enhancement but even quick edit would be better than nothing.

+1 here as well.

I also wish that there was an option for importing data that would not overwrite fields that are empty or not represented on the csv as blank. That way, I could just upload spreadsheets with only the new/different fields, without it deleting everything in the existing fields. So far, this has been my greatest frustration with what is otherwise a very nice plugin.

Same!  This is maddening.



Feature request exists since 2011. i am watching it for years. nothing happend ever since. No reaction or mention. But they rather release useless features Nobody was asking for and increasing prices. But decreasing support. If you ask me, they force you to look further for a bettet form Plugin. No Problem !

Hi @nicmare, Sorry to hear you feel this way. Unfortunately, not every feature or addon we release is the most important to everyone. Just because you are not asking for something does not mean others are not. While bulk editing is important, we still have other features we feel are a higher priority.

As far as support goes, we have had to exclude custom code question from our support. This is vital in order for our developers to spend less time in support and more time adding the features you need.

Hey Guys - I also want this, but for me, I find the best way to do this for now is by adding an update link to a view, then clicking it to update to what you want the value to be. In case anyone who's watching this post hasn't seen it, the link is below - I've updated 800 entries in just a few minutes with this method. :)

You can add an update link to a view, then click it so it becomes the value you want it it to be. Some limitations of course, but works in alot of cases. :)

Update: Just realized karen_bennett already mentioned this!

Yes I use the same strategy. I have a list view (in a table) with a default entry value of "No" in a column. I then have an update value of Yes in a hyperlink next to it and the user can just scroll down clicking yes yes yes to all the values that need changing no to yes.

+1 for Bulk editing of entries

Ticket closed.