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Does your website rely on online forms?

Whether it's to gather signup numbers or drive sales, forms are a vital part of any website. Even if all you ever use is a simple contact form, it still needs to be built carefully if it's going to get you the results you want.

The next question is: Are your WordPress forms optimized for mobile?

Nowadays, so much of our online browsing and shopping is done through mobile phones. A lot of the time, a mobile site is a customer's very first impression of your business. It's got to be a good one if you want them to stick around.

If your website isn't built for mobile, you could be falling far behind the competition.

Responsive forms are included in the core Formidable Forms plugin.

Why you need mobile responsive forms in WordPress

If sales aren't looking as good as you hoped, the issue could be with your mobile forms.

Have you ever seen a website with perfect formatting, only to see it's an entirely different story on mobile?

Some websites might look fine on the surface, but when it comes to inputting data and submitting forms, that's where the problems crop up.

Plenty of business owners don't even realize there's a problem because they're not testing the mobile forms. Most new customers are unlikely to tell you the form is faulty. They'll simply move on to another business.

It's an easy mistake to make, but ask yourself - would you trust a website like that with your payment details?

I'm really liking the new Formidable plugin. All the functionality of Contact Form 7 with a much better UI .... I feel like I've finally found a form-maker plugin I can safely hand off to clients!

How we can help with mobile forms

Luckily, Formidable Forms is built with flexibility in mind. We deliver responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress forms, right out of the box.

All of our mobile optimized forms shrink down automatically to fit any screen size. They look just as good and function just as well as they do on any other device.

You can use them with virtually any type of mobile device on the planet! Whether you want to load a form on a smartphone or a 4K monitor, our forms can adapt to whatever you or your users need at the time.

That means no more missing out on vital traffic or conversions from smartphone or tablet users.

There's also no need to worry about the next big thing in tech. Our forms are designed to grow with the changing market, to meet your needs at every stage of your business journey.

Don't let faulty forms cost you business

Responsive forms are no longer optional. Making your website more mobile friendly and responsive is essential to modern success.

Optimizing your forms for mobile devices builds a more user-friendly experience that benefits everyone.

So, don't lose out on business when there's such a simple fix! Take action today and give your website the care it needs to bring results.

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