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Do you have long forms on your website? Are you seeing low form conversion rates?

Here's the truth: the longer a form is, the less likely it will be filled out.

If you want to reduce form friction and increase conversions, you need multi-page forms. By splitting your forms into smaller chunks, you can increase form conversions by more than 200%. Educational institutions, business directory sites, and many more applications require longer forms. Don’t lose customers! Optimize your forms.

Formidable Forms is the most advanced WordPress form builder. You can create a multi-page form in minutes with its drag and drop feature. Create a fully customizable progress bar to guide your audience and take user experience to the next level!

Multi-page forms are included in all premium Formidable Forms plugin plans.

Customizable multi-page form design

Your multi-page form look great out-of-the-box and is also fully customizable.

Easily customize everything in multi-page forms! Page titles, pagination style, buttons and progress bars can all be tweaked endlessly.

With Formidable Forms, you can build the best multi-page form possible in WordPress. Take a look at our demo below:

Demo: Multi step form with progress bar example
  • Restaurant Name
  • Rating
  • Comments

Formidable has been the ONLY form system that we found that would work as we needed, with the options we wanted, and that was easy to use. It's been well worth the purchase!

Why use multi-page forms in WordPress?

Multi-page forms increase conversions. It’s much more user-friendly to split long forms up into easy step-by-step forms with a handy progress bar.

It's simple: make your forms easy to understand and quick to fill in. Doing so will boost conversion rates and reducing the number of people abandoning your forms without completing them.

With multi-page forms for WordPress, you can improve form conversions by:

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It's easy to create WordPress multi-page forms

With Formidable Forms, you can quickly break up any type of form into easy-to-manage sections using our drag and drop form builder.

Add a page break to a form

Build multi-step forms with progress bars

Our WordPress multi-page forms allow you to include interactive progress bars to show users how far along they are in a form.

With a multi-step progress bar, users can easily navigate between each page and jump to a different step if they wish.

Choose between the Progress Bar
Formidable progress bar
Or the Rootline
Formidable Rootline

Use conditional logic to create branching forms

Formidable allows users to combine multi-step forms with conditional logic to create powerful branching forms.

Empower your audience to skip questions and display paginated sections conditionally based on their input. Only ask the questions that matter and increase form conversions as a result!

conditional form example

Multi-page forms with no limits

Formidable Forms gives you the power to craft truly unique multi-page forms. No matter what WordPress website or business you are running, the uses for multi-page forms are near limitless:

Want to increase conversions? You'll get there by building multi-page WordPress forms with progress bars. For the most powerful multi-step forms in WordPress, get Formidable Forms.

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